Morning & Singing Circle

Time to come together in a silent circle to meditate and to collect the energy for the day... community building and heart opening.


Our additional offer with 2 of the intensive teachers, who alternately teach twice on a selected topic.


In these classes, special and concentrated research rooms are created on the respective focal points in 3 consecutive days.


These classes take place once and deal with a wide variety of topics. A special feature is the "Water Day" ... on Good Friday there is additionally to the WS`s in the studios as well water contact in a specially reserved therapy pool with warm water.


This is the space for themes which are born during the festival or brought from you. There is no teacher in the Lab`s, you will be exploring together.

Bodywork & Silence

Means a one-on-one session with a teacher of your choice and takes 20 min., its an individual lesson where you can bring something you want to work with.

Open and Exploration Space

Every evening into the night, starting with warm up - open end, with live-music. Happens at other times as well and likes to offer space for interactivity between the different artforms.


  • Wave, Silent-Jam, Blind-Jam etc.
  • Contango Milonga with Live-Music


You can choose to become part of a small groups which meets every day for 30-45 min. as part of the festival a workshop of practicing "the experience of THIS moment".
So we will commit as a group to meet every day and give the possibility to be present for each other. It is a space where you witness and express what is going on in this particular moment, with in your body, mind or emotional system. Whatever is the truth in your heart.
For examle an emotional release, a mental sharing about your process here and now, sharing silence or ask for feedback and support.
Whatever you need to share here will be the safe place with the presence of your "sharing family".
Basicly the SHARING will exercise our present nature in awareness and an be a place for relaxation as well!