For people wishing to be with beautiful beings in dance, play, sing, paint, share and touch...welcome

We offer you extra 2 days with the Pre-Workshop so you can enjoy a longer festival version. We are happy to have 2 of our Intensive teacher offering this WS together (for more details s. Pre-Workshop).

We would like to offer you a socially acceptable price structure this year, which works if those who have more income contribute more and thus support the whole, thank you.

  • Pre-WS and Festival (7th - 13nd April 2020):
    450 bis 395 € if you register until 9th March 2020, 490 bis 440 € from 10th March 2020 or later.

  • Festival (9th - 13nd April 2020):
    350 bis 295 € if you register until 9th March 2020, 390 bis 340 € from 10th March 2020 or later.

  • "only" Pre-WS (7th - 9th April 2020):
    210 bis 170 € if you register until 9th March 2020, 240 bis 210 € from 10th March 2020 or later. There are no child helpers during the Pre-WS.

  • Children prices for the festival (9th - 13th April 2020):
    for children up to 2 years free or what you think its worth/donations, 3 and 4 years 60 to 80 €, 5 - 8 years 80 - 100 €, 9 – 12 years 100 – 120, 13 - 16 years 120 - 140 € 
    (the cost coveres the expenses for lodging, food and the angels which support the childrens space).
    Children`s registration: Please mention your children with name and age under "personal message" in the form below.

  • Helperprice:
    If you have a lower income, you can also come as a helper, s. the helper page. Helper of the categorie 1, 2 and 3, which register until the 9th March 2020 pay 170 €, after the 10th March 2020 190 €, of the categorie 5 pay 150 €. The Pre-WS costs extra „only“ 130 € in combination with the festival.

  • The registration fee is 90 € with which you reserve your place at the festival. With sending the formular you are obliged to send the fee in between of 2 weeks. The obligation to pay will continue beyond this period.

    After the festival started we cannot make any paybacks. In case of illness or injuries please check for event payback insurences.

  • Including lodging in classrooms or own tent on the meadows with your own sleeping gear, dishwashing support, and almost only organically grown, vegetarian food. Campers can be parked in the parking area of the school. (there will be extra costs for Sauna and Pool). And 1-2 hours of helping during the festival, and cleaning up together at the end.

If you like to check for a private sleeping:  try the common websites as "airbnb" etc.


Please register online:

Before submitting the form:

  • Please use the emailaddress (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for general questions.
  • You can only register as a helper, if you have a "yes" from the coordinator!
  • The bank data is in the confirmation mail. If you transfer from abroad you have to tell your bank, that you want 90€ to arrive on the account. By submitting the form below, you are required to pay the rest in cash at the arrival. After sending the registration you are also obliged to send the deposit. We should receive the deposit latest 2 weeks after your registration. The obligation to pay will continue beyond this period. If you cancel we have to keep the deposit, and from two weeks before the start of the festival we have to receive the whole festival fee. The participation is on your own risk.
  • By submitting the form you also recognize that the organizers and teachers are not liable for any damages or injuries.

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