In the morning yoga classes I invite you to take a magical time to wake yourself up in a soft and self - loving way, meeting and honouring the body you live in. We will practice slowly and mindful, allowing ourselves to dive into a meditative inner journey.
We will breathe, meditate and practice Asanas - to sense, feel and experience the effects on the physical body (like skin, bones, organs, fluids...) and the subtle body. We let our body and its cells breathe, embracing the moment – welcoming a new day.



Fidelia is a Hatha Yoga teacher, dancer, and occupational therapist. Alternative Healing methods such as holistic body treatments and energy work build an additional focus of her work. She conveys her knowledge through various approaches of somatic exploration, such as movement, bodywork, breath, touch and voice. She currently follows the Somatic Movement Practicioner Program of Body-Mind-Centering®.
Fidelia teaches Yoga, gives holistic body treatments and runs international workshops and retreats to encourage body awareness, creating wholeness and inspiration.
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