Through somatic bodywork and movement improvisation we will investigate an inner space, known in our embryological past as the notochord. This remains an energetic channel that lies along our bodies central axis, between our head and tail, our mouth and our anus. I call it my soft spine because I find it to be visceral, vulnerable even and yet strong in its guttural ability to intuit and express feeling.
Working with touch we will first find the structural support and alignment of our boney vertebrae, releasing the joints and freeing articulation between the vertebrae. We will then investigate the softer matter, breathing through our orifices, sensing and sounding from our organs, to finally interweave in movement all that lies in between, and along our central axis.


Rosalind Holgate Smith

Rosalind(UK) is a Dance Artist and Somatic Movement Practitioner. She has an MA in Dance Creative Practice, a BA in Fine Art & Choreography and currently Lectures in Dance at Lincoln University. She has been practicing CI for over 10 years since encountering it as a student at Dartington. She has applied CI in teaching diverse groups ages & abilities.
Further inspired by Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement and Experiential Anatomy she also creates performances and installations and has developed a vocabulary for moving outdoors. Rosalind is also a Yoga Instructor and following her love of water teaches the Shaw Method for swimming, integrating the Alexander technique.