When we think of touch, we look at our hands, as it is the most common resource our body in term of touching.
But touching goes further on. We can touch from many more internal levels, from the skin, body structure, and even we can touch/be touched with the voice. We can touch even without physical contact.
In this Workshop we will explore the different ways of touch, and being touched, the different qualities of touch, the sensations and emotions that are generated as well as the intention to touch another body. How the different ways of touching and being touched affects our dance. What are my touch patterns, and how can I be surprised by unexpected touch forms. Exploring who touches who.


Patricia Baquero

She is a dancer and dance teacher. She dances Contemporary and Flamenco and started dancing CI in 2009. Since 2017 she studies Dance Movement Therapy with main focus on Authentic Movement.
She works as a freelance dance teacher in Freiburg and around with children and adults, and is the host for the Authentic Movement group in Freiburg.
She also leads women groups and support women with their menstruation cycle and femininity through dance and movement.