Contact Improvisation involves a lot of communication on various levels and it achieves its richness through co-creating, co-enabling and co-perceiving movements. So Contact Improvisation is about encountering each other anyway. But in what way, what-for and to what extent?
What about eye contact, axial-parallelism and verbal sharing of everything that is there?
The workshop invites to play with the limits and normalities(norms) of CI through adding some exercises and elements to increase presence and loosening - (?!)taboos. This can make us aware of our habits and ways of connecting, but even more than that it can enlarge the spectrum of relating and of experience. This might allow some interesting reflections and some more beauty in our dances.



teaches Contact Improvisation, Circling and other movement- and meditation practices. After practicing different dance styles and fighting sports, (acro)yoga, therapeutic practices and bodywork, Contact Improvisation, for him, is the one art that can bring the most varied aspects together. Manuel's biggest intrest lays in the individual and collective depths that can be experienced and transformed also in CI. With consciousnes partices and with (environmental) activism he aspires to facilitate inner and outer change in the world. Both directions of change are inseparably connected and contact is a key term for each of them.
Manuel's contact is inspired by Jörg Hassmann's and Daniel Werner's systematic approach to CI, Body Mind Centering and Frey Faust's Axis Syllabus. He teaches CI since five years in Regensburg and transregional. He studied Psychology and Peace Studies and embeds his work in theories of Gestalt and Cirtical Psychology, Peace Philosophy, Shamanism and 5 Rhythms.