Tones Tense, smooth, rigid, mellow… the tonicity of our body changes according to the time of the day, the temperature, our mood, our availability… plenty of parameters I shall not list here.

In this workshop, we will dance freely and sensitively, explore body tones alone and in contact with other dancing people.

I will share tasks inspired by my Butoh practice and friction-release exercises. In short, this workshop is about being relaxed in the dance. Open to every-body-every-soul.


Aude Fondard

Aude lives as a dancer, poet and translator. While training as an actress for the stage, she realised her body had something more to say than text. This led her to more and more dance training (Entity Dance Company, Sydney; TanzFabrik, Berlin), and Contact Improvisation classes and festivals (Jules Beckman, Mathilde Monfreux, Anjelika Doniy).

Her approach to movement and improvisation is very much influenced by performers coming from the butoh world (Astushi Takenouchi, Minako Seki) and contemporary dancers putting an emphasis on floorwork and dynamics (Britta Pudelko, Stella Zannou, Rakesh Sukesh).

She is now guiding a monthly Contact Improvisation jam and a regular hybrid butoh class in Marseilles, France.


© Jennie Zimmermann,  © Nathalie Consolini