As a multicellular being our development begins in fluid environment: Through the flow of fluids in spirals, folding, unfolding, resisting and yielding our body and movement patterns develop. Later we meet the earth and in the continuity of development the relationship to gravity supports our movement. Curiosity and interest let us reach into the world. 

In this intensive I am interested how early developmental movement patterns can support us in stability, lightness and freedom in our movement and being. How we can use the support of ground, the power of inner source and wings to reach out. We will roll, crawl, yield, push, reach, pull. Aspects of different body tissues like bones, fluids, organs and nervous system will support ease in movements. The inner support of a soft spine and the interrelationship of core and periphery will weave into the classes.

I am interested in a class situation where our curiosity and alertness for improvising alone and with a partner can emerge. Opening ourselves for creative dancing at the jams.


Nina Wehnert

Nina teaches Body-Mind Centering®, Contact Improvisation and Yoga in Workshops, Retreats and Festivals around Europe. She has great joy to immerse deeply into the exploration of sensing, perceiving and the development of the body. She studied dance, is certified as a BMC® Practitioner, Somatic Movement Educator and Yoga Teacher as well as in Embodied Anatomy & Yoga. She is offering her own Body-Mind Centering® Training in Berlin and teaches Embodied Anatomy in dance and yoga schools in Berlin.