In this workshop, we dive into an inner and outer journey. Contactimprovisation is the center and the focus of exploration.

Here we recognize and discover one selfe and each other. Habitual patterns from the previous experience with Contact and our everyday life are reflected and expanded playfully and with sensual ease.

Which space do I give to sensuality in dance / in life?
How can I let my whole being dance?
What fears hinder me in a more open exchange?
From what do I protect myself ? What is the value of these limits?

At the same time, this journey goes inward to myself and outwardly into expression and contact with others.
Can I playfully play with my boundaries and the boundaries of others in this space?
The classic elements of Contact Improvisation, such as handling and playing with gravity, the effect and use of weight and Rolling Point can be experienced through tantric perspectives. The emotional, spiritual, and sensual aspects of dance become more meaningful, alongside the physical. This creates a new perspective on the (usual) dance or contact language.

The exercises are exclusively with clothes.


Benno Enderlein

Benno studied from 1989 to 1993 at the "European Dance Development Center" of Arnhem University (NL). He has been teaching contact improvisation since 1991 and has been practicing since Shiatsu. For nearly 15 years he has been exploring the interaction of Contact & Shiatsu and the work of Contact in the element of water.

He likes to research and teach at the edge of the Contactimprovisation, as well as Contact Tango, Contact & Shiatsu, Contact Tantra and Water Contact. All these forms, on the edge of the usual contact dance, enable us to recognize habits and to exploit the full potential of our possibilities.
Other focal points are awareness training and the study of meditation techniques, in particular ADVAITA awareness and LIGHT WORK.
He has been organizing CI dance events for almost 30 years. For 15 years he was co-founder and organizer of the International Contact Festival Freiburg.