With Humor to new ways

As first we study simple CI-Basics, with focus on Precision, for finding new ways for the Movement. Techniques like “Rolling Point”, “Sliding Surface” and “Glued Body parts” will be practiced independently.

From this Basis, we will go towards Exercises that will „shake“ you Patterns and awake your creativity. Combinations like for example: A want to Roll, B want to Slide. L want to be underneath, M also, etc.

We want Practice the Exercise „siriusly“ with an healthy amount of Humor and Release. Let your Playfulness free, find your own game-roles and let yourself on „travel“ journey with your Dance partner.

For all levels. Your motivation to meet new land is more important than what you already can. A Mix of simple Techniques and Room for Playground :-)

Melanie Seeger

Melanie Seeger lives and works in Freibug as dancer, teaches New Dance and improvisation and is teacher in Kidzdanceprojects. She did her education in TIP (School for new dance, improvisation and performance, Freiburg. She did a two years training in dance and expressive therapy and works in a kindergarden.
Through contact improvisation i am there where i always wanted to be, to work as a dancer. Grateful that i came in contact with this big treasure.

Flurin Kappenberger

Flurin Kappenberger is active as Dancer (TIP in Freiburg Breisgau), Circus artist and Musicians.
Born in Ticino, lives in Bern, Switzerland.
His friendship with Contact Improvisation increased through lots of Jams in the past years. CI its for me a special, very precious Playground to Meet, Move and unfold something from inside. When I play than I m alive … and I live …