With the introduction of the Cranio Sacral System we get in contact with the movement and flow of the spinal fluid and the "puls of life".

After creating an open and receptive presence within us, we give space to the system of our partner. By diving into the fluid realm of the body and the divine potency we are connected to the body intelligence and the force of self healing and self regulation.
Through listening and staying present with an loving attitude we support each other  to more lightness and connectedness with oneself and others.


Sus Palm

is a dancer in the field of contemporary dance, dance-improvisation, contact-improvisation, butoh and capoeira. She also studied movement-therapie, Cranio Sacral Balancing, Body-Mind Centering and Hawaiian Bodywork.
After creating dance-pieces and performances with various dancers and artist for 10 years she is teaching at the academie of fine arts in Ulm Germany and other places. Her main interest is in movement-research, body-systems, the individual expression of body-intelligence and its performance in the moment.