How can I roll even smoother, softer and with more ease?
How can I integrate this softness and flexibility into my dance?
We'll discover the process of rolling with small, soft movements. In a Feldenkrais lesson we increase our awareness of ourselves and how we move. The nervous system gets new information through playfull movement experiments and learns about functional connections. Afterwards the same movement is easier and more comfortable.

We'll explore how we can roll with the same ease together with a partner and take our new earned smoothness into dancing.



teaches the Feldenkrais Method, Contact Improvisation and movement improvisation. She is the organizer of Wiener Winterjam and part of the hosting team of the weekly Viennese WUK jam. As a former competition rower Lui engaged with optimizing movement from her teens on. She is passionate about the question: How does a movement get even more comfortabel, smooth and efficient? The variety of movement options and the possibilities to learn through movement and dance are fascinating her.