How can I weave a jump or lift into my dance without effort?
How can I use principles without following too strict a form?
How can I lift or be lifted by mutual agreement?
For me lifts and jumps are an essential part of Contact Improvisation.
A question that keeps me busy again and again is how they can happen as effortlessly as possible and without much muscular strength, whether they are done with or without much momentum.
In this workshop we will easily explore some flying facets of Contact Improvisation. About reading the partners and the moment when the lift can happen together. In this way we create forms and play with them in improvisation.
People with little to much CI experience are welcome.


Jo Bruhn

is performer, dancer, CI teacher, mover, festival organizer.
More than 15 years ago he met Contact Improvisation. Fascinated by the universe that opened up to him, he felt particularly attracted by the communication between the dancing bodies and the flowing acrobatics in dance.
Among others he completed the "Dance Intensive" at the Tanzfabrik Berlin and worked intensively with Nancy Stark Smith, Mike Vargas, Britta Pudelko and others.


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