Finding a save and trustful basis within myself is the foundation for open, deep and satisfying dance with others. In the Feldenkrais approach we will start exploring ourself using awareness and refined perception. After finding comfort and fluidity in our movement we deepen the experience through guided hands on work with a partner. Out of this approach a dance arises where authentic contact takes places at the same time being rooted within.
For all levels.


Sebastian Mayer

Sebastian makes his living as Feldenkrais Teacher since 30 years.
Working with a wide variety of people different Trainings became of interest: Focusing (a body oriented talk therapy), Trainer for Stress Management and Resilience, Mediator. Dancing was always a passion and became a profession ten years ago combining his experience of CI and Tango Argentino. He is teaching workshops in Europe and Japan, organizer of the Munich contactango Festival and as well teaching a ten day contactango Summercamp in Italy, Tuscany.