In this class I will share my research on finding, giving and taking direction. I began this research because I was interested in managing states of disorientation, spelling from those reflexive movement patterns that can sometimes spiral into whirlpools.
We will begin by slowing down to notice how we orientate and navigate in and out of spiralic patterns. We will then attend to the momentum and direction of the falling weight, playing in duets and trios, with how much support we present and take away. Finally, we will take a clearer sense of momentum into travelling scores, using anchors in space to provide structure so that we can voyage with intention and invite partners on board.


Rosalind Smith

Rosalind (UK) is a Dance Artist and Somatic Practitioner. She creates performances and installations inspired by her work with Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement and Experiential Anatomy. The textures of moving outdoors and being in water also inspire her, no end. She has a Masters in Dance Creative practice and a BA(hons) in Fine Art & Choreography.  She has been practicing CI for 10 years since encountering it as a student at Dartington. She now teaches internationally and at home, for the CI Community she has established in Snowdonia, North Wales. Rosalind is also a Yoga Instructor and Shaw Method swimming instructor, combining the Alexander technique.