Improvisation will be the focus of the work. Attention and awareness our base. Touch and phisical contact will give us the opportunity to open our body-mind to new dynamic of movement and dance.
I will offer some ideas and images coming from my background in Meditation, Butoh and Taoist view of the human body. We will have a lot of space to explore how meaningful could be our Contact Improvisation dance.
For peolple with a experience in CI.


Mario Ghezzi

Movement and Contact Improvisation researcher, Yoga Teacher and Chinese Medicine Practitioner.
He had the luck to study with great dancers and teachers like S.Paxton, N. Little, L.Nelson, J.Hamilton, K.Simson, E.Karczag, A.Takenouchi and many others.
His personal research in movement and improvisation is influenced by experiential anatomy, Chinese Medicine, Meditation, Tai Chi and Butoh.
As dance/movement teacher he's interested in discover our personal ways of dancing and performing.
Mario is a co-organizer of ItalyContactFest, italian festival of Contact Improvisation.