In this class we will explore relationships between our senses & our dance. How do I experience the dance? And from where do I experience it?
Using principles and skills from Contact Improvisation, we will particularly work with touch and vision (proprioception) to enter new ways to respond to stimuli from the inside and around us. We will playfully explore how our senses can inspire and influence our dance and learning.
Dancing alone and with others, we will work with observing and being observed, as an active and engaging tool for our improvisation.


Jori Snell

is a physical performing-and visual artist from Holland/Denmark (1972). She works as a freelance performer, improviser, director and teacher in Europe, transforming her training in physical theatre, contact improvisation (CI), butoh/martial arts and visual arts into a personal language. Companies she has worked with are: Odin Teatret (DK), Teatret OM (DK), Corona la Balance/ZeBU(DK) and Panthéâtre (Roy Hart Theatre, FR). Between 2008-2016, she was based in Cape Town, South Africa, creating works for/with companies such as FTH:K & Ubom! (Physical/Visual Theatres) and Remix Dance Company (Mixed Ability Dance). She initiated and sustained the CI scene in Cape Town. Her inspiration in CI and Improvisation has come from Kirstie Simson, Bo Madvig, Lucia Walker, Ray Chung, Nancy Stark Smith, Scott Wells and Andrew Harwood.
In her work she aims to bring alive an authentic expression in body, mind and space, moving between physical theatre, dance, myth, & poetry with a love for visual magical image-making.