The breath is our constant companion ... throughout our lives. It adapts to the outer movement and the inner movement. Sometimes we catch our breath, sometimes we slide carried by the flow of breath through the flow of life.
In this WS we focus on breath in dance:
How can I use the power of the breath for my dance?
When is the breath flatter, when is it deeper .... when do we hold our breath while dancing?
How can I deepen the respiratory flow?

Can I connect with myself and my dance partners through my breath?

What quality arises when I consciously invite the breath as my dance partner, play with it?


Babett Kaluza

Babett has been working as a dance and movement therapist in various clinics for more than 25 years. She is particulary interested in the meetingpoint of therapy and spirituality. She has been practicing CI fore almost 20 years. To keep in touch with her own power house she teaches Pilates. Since 2004 she enjoys beeing a mother.