“Let each move evolve from mutual agreement, rather than having an image in our own mind dictate what happens next. Mutual trust is based on uncompromised attention, so let's stay in the present moment.”
Bruce Curtis in “Exposed to gravity

This workshop is dedicated to people wishing to gain a deeper understanding of their interactions. For that purpose, we will engage in setting and partnering exercises that enable us to explore our needs and clearly signal them while composing with other bodies and souls.
Shall I alter my dance so that I fully enjoy it and my partner’s? Can I be listening to my partners when daring new steps? Am I refraining for fear of hurting others?
Aude and Jo wish to call for more freedom in the movement, share the joy of a mutual composition anchored in the present moment, and not let personal history hinder a continuum of rolling, gliding, jumping, lifting and more.


Aude Fondard

lives as a dancer/actor, poet and translator. Her first CI evening took place in London, 2009, it was joyful and empowering, but somehow a bit strange. While she trained in contemporary dance in Sydney and Berlin, CI was always nearby and at some point a whole surprising world of sensations and images opened to her.
She worked in multiple productions before creating her poetic performances, indoor and outdoor, combining text and improvisation. Intrigued by the idea of presence and dancing in nature, she attended the 6-month Jinen Butoh School led by Atsushi Takenouchi in 2016/17.
Based in Marseilles since 2018, she stood in for Natalie Hofmann’s CI class We are all Bambi and started sharing her passion for dance. (Inside/Outside influences, Butoh workshop, Rostock Universität, June 2018; Smell & Dance and The landscape and I, CI in nature, Contact Time Festival #4 and #5.)


Jo Bruhn

is a performer, CI dancer, CI teacher, festival organizer.
More than 10 years ago he met Contact Improvisation on his quest to find dance forms he could combine with his shows.
He was fascinated by the universe which unfolded to him with countless layers to focus on.
Especially the flowing way to deal with acrobatic skills and the communication happening through bodies became an important part of his research, work and teaching.
To go beyond CI he took part in the Dance Intensive at Tanzfabrik Berlin.
He has trained extensively with Nancy Stark Smith, Mike Vargas and Britta Pudelko, among many others.
He is co-organizers of the festival “Contact Time @ Steigemühle".