I´m Sophia (30), born in Koblenz. Since my childhood, I play the Flute traverse and I love to move, to climb and to dance. I studied music and dance pedagogy (Elementare Musik- und Tanzpädagogik) at the Carl-Orff-Intitut in Salzburg.
During this time I discovered Contact Improvisation. My experience from acrobatics helped me a lot to get into Contact Dance easily .
I also learned to play different percussion instruments and learned for myself a little bit guitar for playing and singing Mantras.
In my first years of playing the Flute, I focused more on classical music, I played in an orchester and in different musical projects and different ensembles.
In the last ten years I started to improvise a lot; I really love to play worldmusic together with other musicians; my favorite music is Latino Music, Tango, Salsa, Gipsy or whatever my fingers are dancing on my flute;-)

Many years I´ve been a member of a youth circus, where I learned partneracrobatics, juggling and also played in the circus band in our shows.
The last two years I worked in a kids and youth circus „Rambazotti“ in Kassel.
This summer I followed my heart and moved to Freiburg. Here I am still arriving, teaching the flute and circus groups. I´m organising my own acrobatic-workshops and I´m developing an acrobatic dance performance together with my boyfriend and preparing a cello flute project.