From the longing for spontaneous liveliness, I was drawn to music & dance improvisation, over the years I was allowed to dance at many CI Jams and Impro Festivals & accompany them with sound.

I play on many instruments, such as flutes, guitar, percussion, frame drum, djembe, digeridoo, jew's harp, mouth bow, monochord... and I build my own instruments. Vocal improvisation and the use of effect and loop devices serve me as toys.
To accompany a CI Jam is something else than to perform a concert, because it is important to me to feel the dance field (to dance myself) and to listen to it, to let the "autopoetry" happen, how much is necessary and when is it right to let the noises and sounds of the dancers in the room or when to accompany them.
The music, dance and movement improvisation is the red thread on which I playfully experience existence, always fresh and amazed, it is a magical self-knowledge journey, which is not about arriving somewhere, but about the experience.

Since the year 2000 I may call myself integral dance leader (certificate CITA Munich), as co-organizer of the Liquid Lumen Ritual, `Rumble in the Jungle ́ Dance & Music ImproJam, the Munich ContacTango Festival and fellow players of the Soundmover Performance-group I find again and again space & time to dance and sound...