I am a singer and multi-instrumentalist (violin/ trombone/ piano/ banjo/ guitar/ percussion) based in Hamburg. Beginning with the first jam I attended in 2011, a dialogue with the dance has formed and influenced my style and approach to music, improvisation and life. I love to be surprised by where a jam can lead us and am often stunned by the beauty of the [sound and body] landscapes that seem to appear, as if by magic, in the space around us.

I enjoy playing music at various festivals and events in and around Hamburg and have also traveled with my family to play at festivals in Denmark, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia and Switzerland. When I am not playing music for dancers I am conducting the Weltmusik-Chor Hamburg, a choir of 60 singers that I founded in 2005. I also teach at a private music conservatory in Hamburg (MenschMusik), teach projects in schools and give workshops on vocal improvisation and singing styles from around the world.