Nicolas loves to enrich each moment with magical sounds and to open spaces that invite each and everyone to discover the own soul and heart.

With his passion for music and playing with a variety of even extraordinary musical instruments, he is able to inspire curiosity and to bring life into inside areas, that maybe have never been perceived before.
Although he is serious about the matter, there is place for humor and ease, too. He is able to sense finely which kind of musical elements are needed at the moment to create a base that allows the dancer to go on an inner exploration journey.

Nicolas Fuxius

Nicolas Fuxius is an artist, instrument maker and musician.
He is a facilitator for family constellations, the "Birth Into Being"-method and rituals for transformations.
Together with his wife Inelle he conducts seminars for development of the soul potential and leads ceremonies for transitions of life. Since 1994 he leads the company Anklang Musikwelt and creates musical instruments for awareness and physical and emotional healing. Instruments which are supporting one's own expression and allowing to dive into a space of connection and relaxation.