Lo Katarina Richter: Contango - Contact meets Tango "connection in between"

Contactimprovisation meets Tango – something new arises by merging two different tradtional dances: a connection with much potential.

We explore ourselves in the known and the unknown. Dynamics emerge and are allowed to be danced.

Contactimprovisation helps us into softness, supported by our flow of movement. Mindfulness helps us to awaken our senses.

The upright posture, the step of the Tango as well as the supporting music, leads us into the space. Swaying between beginning and end.

In the play of these two worlds of expression we encounter questions: When am I in which form, is there a beginning or an end, where are the boundaries, where is touch and where is the space „in between"?

We will focus on the mobile boundaries. Contact happens on our boundaries' edge.

Contango is hence a playful dance in which we move into and away from the tango embrace over and over again. There is a lot to discover.

Everybody interested in Contango is welcome. With or without previous experience.

Lo Katarina Richter

Vita: Born in Bochum in 1976, Lo Katarina Richter works as an independent dancer and teacher. She is trained as a Teacher of Movement (Bewegungspädagogig nach Dore-Jacobs) and was influenced by the dance theatre Essen. She is one of the initiators of the „dance and living" project in Spain: baile en el aire. She also works and is trained as a CoreDynamik life-coach and runs the local branch of the CoreDynamik Institute.

Lo lives and works in Freiburg and is mother of two children. She teaches in Spain and Germany (Yoga, Dance Theatre, contact improvisation, Contango). She is also host to Milongas where traditional Tango dancers as well es free style dancers are welcome.

Lo: I am fascinated by different „worlds", by the creation of connection and the discovery of the new. The joy of the experiment, movement and being authentic is vital and it is always a pleasure for me to witness true encounters between two human beings.