Ulla Mäkinen: Softening to awaken, strengthening to follow through

Releasing unnecessary tension to find freedom and functionality of movement, but also to open the senses to discover what is in and around ourselves. Finding states of soft strength, where we can be present in the dance and follow through what is happening - in movement patterns both solo and in contact. Following through is not only the physical pattern, it is also the focus and the journey what we create together, the improvisation. This journey is about the love of dance, and committing to it.
In the workshop we will play with different exercises both solo and in contact dance, using imagery and anatomical starting points to bring us in different states and to inspire and teach us about ourselves and the dancing.

Ulla Mäkinen

Ulla Mäkinen is a dancer and dance teacher living in Finland. She is a lecturer and director of the dance department of North Karelian College Outokumpu, which is a 3-year education for contemporary dance, strongly based on improvisation and somatic work. She also works in smaller and bigger projects in Finland and around the world. She holds an MA in Contemporary Dance Pedagogy from the University of Music and Performing Arts, Frankfurt a.M, Germany. She sees education as a life-long process and keeps studying practices related to the moving body and spirit.