Eduard Beyer: Jazzy -  Spacey  - Oriental   - into Silence

I contribute to the Easter Impro Festival my improvisation with saxophones, flute and vocals. 
For years I have been playing in my own jazz band and I play at Contact Jams in Munich, Freiburg, Tempelhof and Glarisegg. 
I am a member of the Dance Theatre Performance Group „Soundmovers“ in Munich.

Eduard Beyer

As an Osteopath I am fascinated by "being touched" through sound and body, and I explore the understandable connection between touch-sound-movement.

Shakya: Sounds & Silence

This workshop is for anybody who knows or has a glimpse of the magic gifts of spontaneous music improvisation: leaving written notes and preset structures behind – opening up to a deeply creative process, letting music happen out of consciousness in the moment..

With a little guided exercise we find grounding in our own body and connect with our senses. We will improvise together with an attitude of open curiosity, meeting each other vigilantly. The permission for all of us, to do it wrong, allows us to leave school traumas and the fear of being judged behind. Life will take us by surprise and unfold itself through us and our playing!

We will experiment with some of the following issues:

  • Listening - the key to the creative source in us.
  • Playing without knowing – music out of stillness.
  • Dissolving ‘you’ and ‘me’ – diving into the flow of music together with other musicians:
  • Rhythm - the root of connection in yourself and with others.
  • The courage to do it wrong – playing by following your own impulses.
  • Fear, shame and insecurity pointing you back to your living presence.

To participate in this workshop you need some experience with any instrument or your voice. It is not suitable for people who want to explore making music together for the very first time.

Shakya Matthias Grahe

Shakya Matthias Grahe plays violoncello, dilruba, guitar, keyboard, percussion and is a singer. Countless performances in classical ensembles and bands of latin, pop, world, new age etc. Live musician for silent films, meditations, dance and other workshops and festivals. CD producer and guest musicians on many CDs.

Lo Katarina Richter: Contango - Contact meets Tango "connection in between"

Contactimprovisation meets Tango – something new arises by merging two different tradtional dances: a connection with much potential.

We explore ourselves in the known and the unknown. Dynamics emerge and are allowed to be danced.

Contactimprovisation helps us into softness, supported by our flow of movement. Mindfulness helps us to awaken our senses.

The upright posture, the step of the Tango as well as the supporting music, leads us into the space. Swaying between beginning and end.

In the play of these two worlds of expression we encounter questions: When am I in which form, is there a beginning or an end, where are the boundaries, where is touch and where is the space „in between"?

We will focus on the mobile boundaries. Contact happens on our boundaries' edge.

Contango is hence a playful dance in which we move into and away from the tango embrace over and over again. There is a lot to discover.

Everybody interested in Contango is welcome. With or without previous experience.

Lo Katarina Richter

Vita: Born in Bochum in 1976, Lo Katarina Richter works as an independent dancer and teacher. She is trained as a Teacher of Movement (Bewegungspädagogig nach Dore-Jacobs) and was influenced by the dance theatre Essen. She is one of the initiators of the „dance and living" project in Spain: baile en el aire. She also works and is trained as a CoreDynamik life-coach and runs the local branch of the CoreDynamik Institute.

Lo lives and works in Freiburg and is mother of two children. She teaches in Spain and Germany (Yoga, Dance Theatre, contact improvisation, Contango). She is also host to Milongas where traditional Tango dancers as well es free style dancers are welcome.

Lo: I am fascinated by different „worlds", by the creation of connection and the discovery of the new. The joy of the experiment, movement and being authentic is vital and it is always a pleasure for me to witness true encounters between two human beings.

Thomas Kampe: The Art of Making Choices: Feldenkrais Method® and Improvisation

In this workshop we will use The Feldenkrais Method® as a resource for Improvisation practice. We will investigate potentials for transfer of the Feldenkrais Method, a key somatic movement practice, into Improvisational processes through gentle reflective movement explorations and expansive dynamic embodied dialogues. The Feldenkrais Method offers a relational perspective on movement, perception, and somatic authority and can support our ability to learn and discover new skills with ease. We will explore the use of restrictions, constraints and structured problems as tools for finding freedom, new patterns and greater possibilities in our improvised movement choices. Through 'Awareness through Movement lessons'® touch-based partner work based on Functional Integration'® and improvisations will explore the three-dimensional movement potential of our pelvis and ribs to find ease, freedom and greater possibilities in our movement choices as improvised dancers. The Feldenkrais Method offers an organic and accessible toolkit for movement learning. In imaginative and playful ways it allows us to relate to our world through complex and multi-dimensional movement patterns.

Thomas Kampe

Thomas Kampe (UK, GER) has worked internationally as performer, performance-maker and educator for more than 30 years. He is Senior Lecturer in movement at Bath Spa University and is a qualified teacher of the Feldenkrais Method®. He has taught somatic approaches towards movement education mainly for performers in different settings around the world.

He recently completed his Phd on The Feldenkrais Method as a choreographic resource.

Ulla Mäkinen: Softening to awaken, strengthening to follow through

Releasing unnecessary tension to find freedom and functionality of movement, but also to open the senses to discover what is in and around ourselves. Finding states of soft strength, where we can be present in the dance and follow through what is happening - in movement patterns both solo and in contact. Following through is not only the physical pattern, it is also the focus and the journey what we create together, the improvisation. This journey is about the love of dance, and committing to it.
In the workshop we will play with different exercises both solo and in contact dance, using imagery and anatomical starting points to bring us in different states and to inspire and teach us about ourselves and the dancing.

Ulla Mäkinen

Ulla Mäkinen is a dancer and dance teacher living in Finland. She is a lecturer and director of the dance department of North Karelian College Outokumpu, which is a 3-year education for contemporary dance, strongly based on improvisation and somatic work. She also works in smaller and bigger projects in Finland and around the world. She holds an MA in Contemporary Dance Pedagogy from the University of Music and Performing Arts, Frankfurt a.M, Germany. She sees education as a life-long process and keeps studying practices related to the moving body and spirit.

Vega: FROM INSIDE OUT - Performative qualities in Contactimprovisation

Performance. Contactimprovisation. Composition. Dance.

Seeing. Being seen. Doing. Choosing. Being. Presence.

All are big themes, what do they mean for each of us? For me?

Dance and expression are arising from inside out - from feeling and sensing, from energy, from authenticity - being in the moment, and feeling what is true in it. Following our curiosity and inspiration.

I am interested in this stretchable area between unknown and known, intuition and technique. Structure and emotion. How to bring us in this blessed state of flow, where we become one with our dance, and our body knows how it needs to move.

In this intensive we bring light on such improvisational qualities as space, time, rhythm, composition in contactimprovisation. We´ll touch and re-visit as well basic principles and techniques of contact as our shared language and vocabulary. We will play with tools of breathing in and out from contact, creating playful sphere of listening, where surprises and choices can lead us into adventure!

Vega / Katri Luukkonen

is dancer, performance-artist, and festival-organizer originally from Helsinki, Finland. She has graduated from TEAK - Theatre Academy of Finland - as dance- and theatre-teacher (MA). She is one of the organizers of Goa Contact Festival, and teaches her winters in Arambol. Vega is also co-organizing In-Touch -festivals and BodyLove -festival in Berlin, and in elsewhere.

"...I am drawing my inspirations from contact improvisation, authentic movement- and voice, BMC, meditation, breathing-techniques... For me it is important to root the expression and movement into your inner energetical state, and emotional body. From inside out. Finding the balance between being and doing, technique and sensing-feeling-intuition... Staying connected to the source and flow, but within structures. All the elements can grow together, opposites feeding each others.

I Love dancing and kissing, I love fighting and feeling the fire, I love honesty and authenticity, spontaneity and extremes. Flow and Intuition. Listening the moment, waiting in stillness. Flying like a dream in the air.




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