Elske Seidel (Ger): A State of Presence in Contact Improvisation

This intensive is an invitation to open into a state of presence.

We will be.
Listening. Sensing.

Connecting deeply with the earth we will follow our movement quality from within. Releasing into the place where we will discover timelessness & ease, trust & freedom. We will close our eyes looking, finding and allowing, researching as we explore our body in relation to gravity. Diving into the continuous and ever-fascinating dialogue with gravity’s forces, we will play, learn, and move from discovery.
Based on sharing one common center of weight we will enter our conversation with gravity. Out of a deep place of trust we will meet moments of flight where the body listens, knows and responds catlike. Where we have to do less, practicing ‘getting out of the way’ allowing the body to respond, rather than our minds to control. What organization does my body need, when I allow gravity to play with me? How can I use my body’s innate knowledge and very weight ‘to play’ gravity?
I am interested in the movement quality sourcing inside of us. Can we sense our bones ‘floating inside of us’ as we move? Can we allow our body to stay easy, soft and open, - to be like its water as we move together through different levels, transitioning continuously from supporting into being supported, from under-dance into flight?

For me as a teacher I am deeply inspired to open and support a space where dance in all its freedom and vital magic can happen. I witness that as I hold the space, the simple experience of presence creates meaning & depth in each of us. Our potential for transformation in dance and beyond becomes available to us and I am profoundly touched by this natural process, blowing gently on the sparks of light within us all.

Elske Seidel

Elske Seidel (Berlin) ist eine global vernetzte und international engagierte Contact Lehrerin, Tänzerin und Bewegungsforscherin. Sie unterrichtet seit zwei Jahrzehnten kontinuierlich und von ganzem Herzen Tanz, Contact seit 2004.
Für Elske bedeutet Contact Improvisation zu unterrichten, „den Boden dafür zu legen, dass dieser Tanz geschehen kann.“
Sie kreiert mit Vorliebe Projekte, die Contact & Natur und Leben & Tanz verbinden (Contact Festival Fuerteventura und Nordsee CI Camp St. Peter Ording). Des Weiteren liebt sie Forschung & Jammen und öffnet dafür den Raum in folgenden Projekten: Berlin Weekend Jam, 23Stunden Jam Berlin, Contact Samstag Berlin, Dance Your Questions: CI Research Week/ Ponderosa/ Stolzenhagen und CI Fortbildungsreihe Hamburg.