Vanessa Briel: Workshop and Lab - Hall of paint

From soft to wild from small to big from realistic to abstract and vice versa

In this painting workshop we will work with different stations ,sensations and ways of expressions and the diversity of material, size and dynamics.
A playground for Clear realistic pencil scetches, romantic watercolours, expressiv acrylics , brushes, pens, pencil, fingers, small paper, canvas, collage…what ever u choose…
is ready to be discovered…..have a walk around the hall of options and find your tools and inspiration.

Vanessa Briel

Vanessa Briel (*1979), working as a fashion artist/designer, actress and circuseducator, is living in Berlin right now. Between 2003-2007 she studied painting and grafiks, pedagogy in Marburg University , Germany and organized theater and improvisation festivals, there being appropriate for the section of fine arts and exhibition. Painting since 20 years now herself she has been working with al kinds of material and technics, like oil, acrylics, serigraphy, aquarell, sketching and also does sculptures with clay and waste.
Beside several single or group exhebitions over the years she has done projekts with painting and dancing, bodypainting and performance, physical theater as well as illustrating lyrics. After years of studying different kinds of movement thechnics like dance, yoga, artistic,akrobatics, she did a lot of performance projects in groups mainly based on physical experimental theater and video or/and dance in different countries. Since 2009 she is part of a professionel theaterensembel playing for school kids.Vanessa started dancing contact improvisation in 2009, and is teaching workshops in actionpainting and painting in motion.