Sus Palm: Cranio Sacral Balancing

Introduction to the fluid and energetic field of Cranio Sacral Therapie.
We are connecting with the tides of the spinal fluid and the center energieline in the body.
In partnerwork we give space to feel the inner realm and invite deep relaxation.
This way we can regenerate and reorganise ourselves. New impulses and impressions can be integrated on physical, mental and emotional level.
Embracing everything that is there with an open heart.

Sus Palm

Sus Palm is a Movement Therapist, Dancer and Cranio Sacral Therapist.
She is working with Cranio Sacral Balancing since 11 years and apreciates this work for beeing a deeply rewarding way of listening to and supporting the human system in a holistic way back into balance.
Sus lives with Ingo Rosenkranz and their daughter Nika in Ulm.
She works as a therapist, a dancer in Strado Dansa Dance Companie and creates Danceperformances in collaboration with different artists.