Shakya: Sound & Silence
The Art of Music Improvisation

(experience in playing an instrument or in singing required)

In this workshop we will explore musical meetings on the base of spontaneous improvisations. We encompass our musical journey from a space of inner stillness. We let go of any concept, any intention, any need to perform or to “do it right”. We focus on the beauty and uniqueness of every sound happening regardless of habitual judging. The more we are present in each moment and each note we play the more we are able to connect with the source of true spontaneity within us that is waiting to carry our playing.

Also we will experiment with different frames and structures that can help us to not get lost in the infinity of possibilities but to go deeper into the meetings with a chosen focus like melody/accompaniment, call/response, rhythm/tune etc. In all this we strengthen our ability to listen, to receive while we are playing, to be non-doing and – to have fun!