Roland Nordeck: Contact Basics

A Workshop for beginners and anyone else who wants to take some time focusing on the basic principles of Contact Improvisation. We practice sensing ourselfs, the floor and the partner(s). We learn about center touch, bodysurfing, and ways down on the floor and up from the floor together. We play with leading and following and take time to focus on the crucial principle of leaning and sharing weight. No matter what the technical level ist, it is always sensing and exploring that builds the base of our dance and our learning process. By learning some basic dance tools and at the same time trusting our own senses we experience how to feel safe and free in a jam situation.

Roland Nordeck

After many years of CI practice I did half a year of New Dance Performance training with Keriac in San Francisco and Stuttgart (2003/2004). The focus was on creative work. In 2005 I got into the dance department of North Carelian Kollege, Outokumpu, Finnland, where I studied contemporary dance for three years. The core part of that education was contemporary dance technique. It also included a wide range of different other approaches to movement training, like for example Feldenkrais, BMC, Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement, Ballet, Improvisation and Butoh. In 2008 I moved back to Germany. I am currently located in Göttingen, where I teach CI and contemporary dance. At the moment I am also intensely exploring the conjunction of dance and Bodywork (Shiatsu). I am seeing dance as a form of language, which reaches beyond the field of verbal expression. So dance and especially improvised dance complements my general interest in communication.