Moksha Ganesh: Fooling - relax into the risk

... as an innocent fool,
with wide open and curious eyes of a child ...
with this inner receptive attitude you are intuitive, original, spontaneous and present
FOOLING means: you jump on the stage ... in the empty space ...
You don't knowing what you're going to do and say, you play with what wants to be expressed at this moment through your body.
You're dancing on the edge with one foot on solid ground of the known,
the other hovers on the brink of the unknown.
You play exclusively for the benefit of enjoyment of the game,
completely absorbed, regardless of success or failure.
In this empty space you encounter other "fool children" and discover the freedom, when you play, beyond right and wrong, mindful and respectful of your limits and the limits of others.
We play with authentic movement, dynamic system lineups, bodywork, contact and theater improvisation...


Moksha Ganesh

As passionate dancer, bodyworker, movement and consciousness teacher, since the mid-90s I create liberating learning and scope for effortless and sensual experience of Being. Inspired by the diverse artistic and therapeutic systems, I enjoy myself more and more in letting go of all concepts.