Martina & Iva: A journey to dance with a yoga ticket
or how to use dynamic yoga to travel into a dance sequence and contact

Breath and moving with it will bring our awareness to our centre. When we are able to control our breath, we can control our movements and when we let go of the control, we let ourselves flow with trust and safety. We'll search for grounding and play with weight, then learn how to push into support in order to rise up. Letting go can be a nice experience if we witness our movements in slow flow and with patience first. Our body and heart will start opening and we'll dive into timeless space where we can experience the freedom of movement and thus weave an anatomically logical sequence that will serve as a basis for more creative dance improvisation and contact improvisation. The rest is up to your own imagination and creativity...

Yoga (morning flow vinyasa classes)

Yoga practice is an excellent way to start your day. Vinyasa means linking breath and movement where breath and deep stretching asanas are linked together creating the dance sequence of postures. Surrendering to 'ocean sound breath' or Ujjayi we simply go with the flow in a fun and easy way :)
It is a cardiovascular exercise as well as meditation in motion. Breath leads the way to lightness in postures and flowing through positions creates awareness and concentration.
Yoga brings harmony into our lives. There are different yoga styles, but they all have the same goal: physical, mental and spiritual health.
By doing yoga asanas or postures we increase the strength and flexibility of our bodies, strengthen our joints, increase circulation, improve the digestive system, cardiovascular and nervous system and the centre of gravity. Besides, regular yoga practice increases energy and vitality and boosts our immune system. Yoga asanas and pranayama remove toxins from our body more effectively than any other physical activity.

Namaste (I bow to you)

"Yoga practices help us develop awareness and detachment. When we can begin to watch our personality's fearful reactions to situations, we can develop compassion for our own lack of courage. Through compassion we realize there's nothing to lose. There's nothing to grasp, nothing to get -- we are everything. Flexibility of mind as well as body allows for adaptability and ease of being in an ever-changing world." (unknown author)

Contact improvisation is a practise rooted in contemporary dance in which an improvised movement is created through the contact between two or more dancers. It is based on sharing, giving and receiving and on the play with gravity and momentum - rolling, stopping, flying and falling. At times it develops into a meditative state, and at times it becomes an unstoppable, almost acrobatic challenge. This activity helps develop a sense of control and raises awareness of the body overall, in addition to sharpening of the senses and developing trust, communication and awareness of self and the other.


Martina is a yoga and contact teacher, contemporary dancer and tango lover. She also teaches languages, translates and enjoys working with people, likes travelling, meeting new people and cultures. 
As a child she did gymnastics, acted in theatre , and in dance she started practicing Cunningham technique with Kilina Cremona and ballet, later followed by contemporary techniques like release, contact improvisation, improvisation, dynamic meditation, Feldenkrais (she’s been using these techniques ever since). She has performed, acted, danced and collaborated with many international dancers, directors and choreographers.
She's worked with Sabine Parzer and completed her Holistic Dance and Movement Pedagogy teacher training. She's also completed Daniel Werner & Joerg Hassmann's CI training programme and has been teaching at Osterimprofestival (Germany), Tempelhof CI Festival (Germany), Vienna CI festival (Austria), Warsaw Flow CI festival, New Year London Jam etc.
Her work is based on contact improvisation, authentic movement, bodywork and contemporary dance as well as some shamanic practices which are all useful for dance and movement therapy, dynamic meditation and raising self-awareness. Her work and teaching is now enriched with the collaboration with her dance partner and long-standing friend Iva Hladnik.

Iva Hladnik

Iva is a contemporary dancer, a contacter and a yoga teacher. For many years she has been involved in contemporary dance and has been collaborating with different Croatian as well as international choreographers and collectives. She is one of the organizers and initiators of the development of improvisational dance and contact improvisation in Croatia. She is particularly interested in the sphere in which breath, movement and dance meet and their therapeutic impact and application. She teaches yoga and contact improvisation with passion, full commitment and enthusiasm.
She's also completed Daniel Werner & Joerg Hassmann's CI training programme.