Lella-Elayla Heindl - Play with colours

Colours dancing on your skin

Bodypainting meets Contact Improvisation
How does the colour on my body influence my dance?
How is the connection to my dance partner(s) modified by the painted body?
How does the art of this very moment express itself on my skin?
How do I feel while painting on somebody and being painted on?

You choose for yourself how much of your skin you want to be coloured
Please wear clothes that may get dirty=coloured for this workshop!
For the adventurous among us: You can wear underwear that wants to see some colour 

Lella-Elayla Heindl

born 6th of March 1970, I've been dancing regularly since 1987.
I like to associate Contact Improvisation with meditative mindfulness, maximum attentiveness and the pleasure in the distinct play of the dance.
My passion lies in exploring the energetic processes occurring before, during and after the dance.

Self-employed since 1995, teacher for holistic dance and movement pedagogy, part of Vimprodaco-Vienna Improvisation Dance Company, multimedia art therapist, Yoga teacher with a personal focus on Prana energy work; Chakras, Nadis, Koshas, energy worker, body worker, co-management at TAFF-Performance-Werkstatt, workshop performative dance theatre with the support of art therapy, various projects with upper secondary students at alternative schools, organising and teaching Contact Improvisation workshops, organising teachers trainings, co-organising contactfestivalvienna.at***