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Vega: "Riding with the wind, flowing like the waters"

I am interested about Flow, in dance - and in life as well -- What is restricting us from flowing...? Resistance, that we don´t let go, surrender and follow what is there...

Water finds always the easy way - it does not try to push itself through the stone. It is every moment ready to change it´s direction, force and volume. That´s what I am interested to explore in dance as well. Use of minimum effort and ease. Readyness to change directions. When we are listening the body-time, we are automatically having the right timing... Being too slow, or too fast is taking away the natural flow - but when we are able to feel the right timing in all deeper layers of our body - we get all advantages of momentum, suspension and swing...

Flow can be slow or fast - like magma or like wind -

We will work with tools of contact-improvisation, as well as solo-work and group improvisation as well.

Welcome to find your flow!

Vega (Katri Luukkonen)

is a dancer and singer, performance-artist and festival-organizer originally from Helsinki, Finland.
"...I am living in Berlin, and I Looooove it...! I am in fire with dancingmovingshakingsqueezingturningslidingrolling my body. ...And by singing and breathing, I am sounding my soul out! I am spiralling and biking, often performing in sweet streets and strange spaces of this beloved city..."
I Love dancing and kissing, I love fighting and feeling the fire, I love honesty and authenticity, spontaneity and extremes. Flow and Intuition. Every moment can be amazing, and every moment can be boring. You create the Air you are breathing in."

I love sweating
I love fighting
I love weight
I love gravity
I love fire
I love passion
I love papaya
I love coconut

Love me tender, love me sweet
Always let me go
I need to feel the wind in my hair, otherwise I die.
I need to feel the fire in my heart, otherwise I say goodbye.

I´m an angel,
I´m a devil
I´m everything in between.
I am a child,
I am a baby

I only need to be seen.

Viola Einsiedel - Erdung-Herzöffnung-Begegnung

Erdung-Herzöffnung –Begegnung

Am Anfang ist die Erdung
Am Anfang ist das Singen
Am Anfang ist das Hören

Eingestimmt auf diese Grundpfeiler beginnt der Tanz, findet Berührung statt, werden die Tänzer angeleitet in verschiedene Bewegungsmöglichkeiten der Contactimprovisation, getragen und geführt von meiner Violine, meiner Stimme, meiner Gedichte und Bewegungsimpulse.

Viola Einsiedel

Viola Einsiedel lebt in Bremen und ist eine weitgereiste Tänzerin und Musikerin, sie hat ihre Musik in den unterschiedlichsten Ländern, Orten, Festivals erklingen lassen.