Peter Krempelsetzer: Contango

Contango is a fusion of Argentinian Tango, Contact Improvisation and freestyle dance. How do these danceforms enrich each other?

Tango stands for sensuality and heart-connection in the dance. There is Leading and following with very fine listening to each other. In Contango the change of lead gives new possibilitys for the male and female role.
Contact Improvisation adds moments of leaning, lifting and free flow of movement without leadership.
That creates a free and at the same time committed couple dance full of creativity, joy of movement and surprising moments.
We dance with changing partners and sometimes in trios. Peter teaches in a playful way. He offers creative impulses for tangodancers and at the same time an easy approach for dancers without any tangoknowlege.You can exspect sensual, slow dances and also beats to rave up.

Intensive Teacher: Peter Krempelsetzer
Assistenz: Andrea Gröger

Peter Krempelsetzer

born 64, studied movementtheater at Scuola Dimitri (Switzerland), furthermore Dance and Improvisation. He develops Contango since 2007 in munich and leads there regulary Contango-Milongas.
In his stage productions Peter works as a performer crossover in dance, music and theater. His special interest is in improvisation as an independent form of Art. Peter lives in munich and founded there the ImproArt improvisation-school. He teaches Contact Impro, Contango, Action Theater Improvisation, Dancetheater and Performance.
More about his backround and teaching: