David Lakein: Ensemble Improvisation Practise: “The play of Presence in Performance”

*Lingering in Sensation : The Theater of Intimacy*

The diligence of sustaining a state, the practice of absorbing emotion, the discipline of persisting in thought demands physicality, imagination and an intimate collaboration with spacetime.

This intensive outing takes the above statement as both a challenging point of departure and a comforting place of arrival. Our research into the performer-audience relationship in theatrical scenarios dives into questions about duration, intensity, texture and dynamic, among other compositional considerations—all toward revealing insights into these central questions:

What is the narrative potential of distinct sensations?
How do layers of intimacy create emerging storylines?

David Lakein

David Lakein (Berlin/Chicago) is an interdisciplinary artist, choreographer-director, educator-facilitator, organizer and writer, who collaborates extensively with other artists from diverse backgrounds and performs-researches-teaches across the United States & Europe and around the world. His work swirls around the borders between dance, theater, cabaret, performance art and social scenarios, often incorporating installation and video elements. Whether completely set or entirely improvised, a solo performance or community gathering, on stage or in the back bushes, the work often includes a significant degree of interactivity—inviting and provoking participation from the viewing-listening-reading audience. Lakein embraces and confronts the tensions between the ordinary and sublime, situating his performative creations on the edges between the profoundly serious and ridiculously silly, especially in the intersections of daily life, metaphysics and spirituality. His practice is built on a foundation of image-making, improvisational scores and dramaturgical devising, and strongly influenced by books & bars, stand-up & standing-around and meaning & mystery.

Lakein is a well-respected teacher and facilitator known for his inquisitive nature and dedication to a rigorous (un)learning process that embraces generous discipline and intelligent laziness. He has over twenty years experience with physical, performing and performance arts, and with somatic movement arts (body-mind-centering, alexander technique, etc), martial arts (aikido, qi gong, etc) and meditation practices. Whether facilitating students in workshops and performance projects or bringing artists together in laboratories or festivals, he is committed to dialogue as a creative act and research as a transformational encounter.

Lakein studied philosophy & literature, and acting & directing in the United States, trained as a dancer, choreographer and performer in Berlin, Amsterdam and San Francisco, and studied visual arts in Chicago; he holds a BA from Wesleyan University, a BFA from the School for New Dance Development Amsterdam School for the Arts, and an MFA in Studio Arts from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago.



Elske Seidel (Ger): A State of Presence in Contact Improvisation

This intensive is an invitation to open into a state of presence.

We will be.
Listening. Sensing.

Connecting deeply with the earth we will follow our movement quality from within. Releasing into the place where we will discover timelessness & ease, trust & freedom. We will close our eyes looking, finding and allowing, researching as we explore our body in relation to gravity. Diving into the continuous and ever-fascinating dialogue with gravity’s forces, we will play, learn, and move from discovery.
Based on sharing one common center of weight we will enter our conversation with gravity. Out of a deep place of trust we will meet moments of flight where the body listens, knows and responds catlike. Where we have to do less, practicing ‘getting out of the way’ allowing the body to respond, rather than our minds to control. What organization does my body need, when I allow gravity to play with me? How can I use my body’s innate knowledge and very weight ‘to play’ gravity?
I am interested in the movement quality sourcing inside of us. Can we sense our bones ‘floating inside of us’ as we move? Can we allow our body to stay easy, soft and open, - to be like its water as we move together through different levels, transitioning continuously from supporting into being supported, from under-dance into flight?

For me as a teacher I am deeply inspired to open and support a space where dance in all its freedom and vital magic can happen. I witness that as I hold the space, the simple experience of presence creates meaning & depth in each of us. Our potential for transformation in dance and beyond becomes available to us and I am profoundly touched by this natural process, blowing gently on the sparks of light within us all.

Elske Seidel

Elske Seidel, based in Berlin, is a passionate CI dancer & teacher, deeply committed to CI and its community internationally. She has been teaching dance full time and wholeheartedly for two decades, CI since 2004. In her teaching she believes in ‘opening spaces where dance in all its vital magic and play can happen’.
She likes to create CI events that bring the studio focus outside into nature and into the experience. She enjoys gathering community merging life and dance together. She loves to support practice, jamming and research. She has taught CI in Europe, Canada, the U.S., Argentina, Israel, Russia and Japan.
She is the artistic director of the Annual Contact Festival Fuerteventura/ Spain, Contact Saturday Berlin, as well as co-creating the Berlin Weekend Jam, 23h Jam Berlin, North Sea CI Camp/ Germany, Dance Your Questions: CI Research Week for Experienced Contact Dancers at Ponderosa / Stolzenhagen/ Germany and CI Training Program Hamburg/ Germany.



Kabiro Scheller & Daniel Werner : Contact-Improvisation in Water & on Land

We listen to our inner movements which are born in different “worlds”.
Through waterdance , the “Waterworld” brings memories from very early movement patterns
and qualities, which are basic for our highly developed and very complex movement potential .

“On Land” we will give the body space for the experience of ‘being carried’. The movement arises from
an alive and awakened body-centre, which is ‘dancing’ through all levels in space.
We get in touch with our natural movement power by playing with elements of body-mind-centering, early childhood developmental movement patterns, bodywork & improvisation.

A wonderful possibility to learn & to deepen essential material and skills in Contact Improvisation.


Daniel Werner

Daniel Werner works internationally as a teacher for dance and is teaching Contact Improvisation since 1997. He studied Contemporary Dance at the North Karelia College in Finnland. His movement, being and teaching is also inspired by body-mind-centering, asian movement arts and fascia research.

Also he is involved in the following projects: 


Kabiro Eva Scheller

dances Contact-Improvisation since 1994 together with different teachers from the USA and Europe. She teaches Contact-Improvisation and Hawaiian Massage and has a very much experiance to lead people into their unique movement- and life-potential with love and joy.
She is organising the osterimprofestival.info and the healingheartfestival.de and she accompanies groups to Hawaii.


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Peter Krempelsetzer: Contango

Contango is a fusion of Argentinian Tango, Contact Improvisation and freestyle dance. How do these danceforms enrich each other?

Tango stands for sensuality and heart-connection in the dance. There is Leading and following with very fine listening to each other. In Contango the change of lead gives new possibilitys for the male and female role.
Contact Improvisation adds moments of leaning, lifting and free flow of movement without leadership.
That creates a free and at the same time committed couple dance full of creativity, joy of movement and surprising moments.
We dance with changing partners and sometimes in trios. Peter teaches in a playful way. He offers creative impulses for tangodancers and at the same time an easy approach for dancers without any tangoknowlege.You can exspect sensual, slow dances and also beats to rave up.

Intensive Teacher: Peter Krempelsetzer
Assistenz: Andrea Gröger

Peter Krempelsetzer

born 64, studied movementtheater at Scuola Dimitri (Switzerland), furthermore Dance and Improvisation. He develops Contango since 2007 in munich and leads there regulary Contango-Milongas.
In his stage productions Peter works as a performer crossover in dance, music and theater. His special interest is in improvisation as an independent form of Art. Peter lives in munich and founded there the ImproArt improvisation-school. He teaches Contact Impro, Contango, Action Theater Improvisation, Dancetheater and Performance.
More about his backround and teaching:

teaching: http://www.improart.de

performing: http://www.comtesse-co.de, http://www.freefishing.de


Lella-Elayla Heindl - Play with colours

Colours dancing on your skin

Bodypainting meets Contact Improvisation
How does the colour on my body influence my dance?
How is the connection to my dance partner(s) modified by the painted body?
How does the art of this very moment express itself on my skin?
How do I feel while painting on somebody and being painted on?

You choose for yourself how much of your skin you want to be coloured
Please wear clothes that may get dirty=coloured for this workshop!
For the adventurous among us: You can wear underwear that wants to see some colour 

Lella-Elayla Heindl

born 6th of March 1970, I've been dancing regularly since 1987.
I like to associate Contact Improvisation with meditative mindfulness, maximum attentiveness and the pleasure in the distinct play of the dance.
My passion lies in exploring the energetic processes occurring before, during and after the dance.

Self-employed since 1995, teacher for holistic dance and movement pedagogy, part of Vimprodaco-Vienna Improvisation Dance Company, multimedia art therapist, Yoga teacher with a personal focus on Prana energy work; Chakras, Nadis, Koshas, energy worker, body worker, co-management at TAFF-Performance-Werkstatt, workshop performative dance theatre with the support of art therapy, various projects with upper secondary students at alternative schools, organising and teaching Contact Improvisation workshops, organising teachers trainings, co-organising contactfestivalvienna.at***

Martina & Iva: A journey to dance with a yoga ticket
or how to use dynamic yoga to travel into a dance sequence and contact

Breath and moving with it will bring our awareness to our centre. When we are able to control our breath, we can control our movements and when we let go of the control, we let ourselves flow with trust and safety. We'll search for grounding and play with weight, then learn how to push into support in order to rise up. Letting go can be a nice experience if we witness our movements in slow flow and with patience first. Our body and heart will start opening and we'll dive into timeless space where we can experience the freedom of movement and thus weave an anatomically logical sequence that will serve as a basis for more creative dance improvisation and contact improvisation. The rest is up to your own imagination and creativity...

Yoga (morning flow vinyasa classes)

Yoga practice is an excellent way to start your day. Vinyasa means linking breath and movement where breath and deep stretching asanas are linked together creating the dance sequence of postures. Surrendering to 'ocean sound breath' or Ujjayi we simply go with the flow in a fun and easy way :)
It is a cardiovascular exercise as well as meditation in motion. Breath leads the way to lightness in postures and flowing through positions creates awareness and concentration.
Yoga brings harmony into our lives. There are different yoga styles, but they all have the same goal: physical, mental and spiritual health.
By doing yoga asanas or postures we increase the strength and flexibility of our bodies, strengthen our joints, increase circulation, improve the digestive system, cardiovascular and nervous system and the centre of gravity. Besides, regular yoga practice increases energy and vitality and boosts our immune system. Yoga asanas and pranayama remove toxins from our body more effectively than any other physical activity.

Namaste (I bow to you)

"Yoga practices help us develop awareness and detachment. When we can begin to watch our personality's fearful reactions to situations, we can develop compassion for our own lack of courage. Through compassion we realize there's nothing to lose. There's nothing to grasp, nothing to get -- we are everything. Flexibility of mind as well as body allows for adaptability and ease of being in an ever-changing world." (unknown author)

Contact improvisation is a practise rooted in contemporary dance in which an improvised movement is created through the contact between two or more dancers. It is based on sharing, giving and receiving and on the play with gravity and momentum - rolling, stopping, flying and falling. At times it develops into a meditative state, and at times it becomes an unstoppable, almost acrobatic challenge. This activity helps develop a sense of control and raises awareness of the body overall, in addition to sharpening of the senses and developing trust, communication and awareness of self and the other.


Martina is a yoga and contact teacher, contemporary dancer and tango lover. She also teaches languages, translates and enjoys working with people, likes travelling, meeting new people and cultures. 
As a child she did gymnastics, acted in theatre , and in dance she started practicing Cunningham technique with Kilina Cremona and ballet, later followed by contemporary techniques like release, contact improvisation, improvisation, dynamic meditation, Feldenkrais (she’s been using these techniques ever since). She has performed, acted, danced and collaborated with many international dancers, directors and choreographers.
She's worked with Sabine Parzer and completed her Holistic Dance and Movement Pedagogy teacher training. She's also completed Daniel Werner & Joerg Hassmann's CI training programme and has been teaching at Osterimprofestival (Germany), Tempelhof CI Festival (Germany), Vienna CI festival (Austria), Warsaw Flow CI festival, New Year London Jam etc.
Her work is based on contact improvisation, authentic movement, bodywork and contemporary dance as well as some shamanic practices which are all useful for dance and movement therapy, dynamic meditation and raising self-awareness. Her work and teaching is now enriched with the collaboration with her dance partner and long-standing friend Iva Hladnik.

Iva Hladnik

Iva is a contemporary dancer, a contacter and a yoga teacher. For many years she has been involved in contemporary dance and has been collaborating with different Croatian as well as international choreographers and collectives. She is one of the organizers and initiators of the development of improvisational dance and contact improvisation in Croatia. She is particularly interested in the sphere in which breath, movement and dance meet and their therapeutic impact and application. She teaches yoga and contact improvisation with passion, full commitment and enthusiasm.
She's also completed Daniel Werner & Joerg Hassmann's CI training programme. 


Moksha Ganesh: Fooling - relax into the risk

... as an innocent fool,
with wide open and curious eyes of a child ...
with this inner receptive attitude you are intuitive, original, spontaneous and present
FOOLING means: you jump on the stage ... in the empty space ...
You don't knowing what you're going to do and say, you play with what wants to be expressed at this moment through your body.
You're dancing on the edge with one foot on solid ground of the known,
the other hovers on the brink of the unknown.
You play exclusively for the benefit of enjoyment of the game,
completely absorbed, regardless of success or failure.
In this empty space you encounter other "fool children" and discover the freedom, when you play, beyond right and wrong, mindful and respectful of your limits and the limits of others.
We play with authentic movement, dynamic system lineups, bodywork, contact and theater improvisation...


Moksha Ganesh

As passionate dancer, bodyworker, movement and consciousness teacher, since the mid-90s I create liberating learning and scope for effortless and sensual experience of Being. Inspired by the diverse artistic and therapeutic systems, I enjoy myself more and more in letting go of all concepts.


Muriel Jeanne Mollet: Counterbalance - out of balance

We will focus on different ways of falling out of balance or keeping the balance together. Through several up building exercises of improvisation and technic with your partner or on your own we will find balance and also enjoy the state of being out of balance. We experiment and offer different possibilities of supporting the small falling of our partner. Dancing together, improvising and having fun together are also a goal of this afternoon.

Muriel Jeanne Mollet

Muriel Jeanne Mollet is working as a dance teacher, dancer, instructor of Kampfesspiele® and water therapist. After her education at the Professional School for Dance and Gymnastic in Baden, Switzerland (SBTG-Diplom 1989) she studied „Elementarer Tanz“ at the University of Sports Köln. She continued studying different Dance- and Improvisation Techniques and Martial Arts (Capoeira, Shinson Hapkido). She was founder and director of SURIEL dance theater (‘93-‘97). Since 2003 she is a member of the Research-, Improvisation- & Performance- Group „x-group“. Performances with the Capoeira Show group and dancing in different dance productions guided her as a dancer through Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Brasil.

Joyful dancing, games, experimenting with movement and physical forces, discovering the extremes and limits, rhythm, music and flow are the most important in her teaching and dancing.


Roland Nordeck: Contact Basics

A Workshop for beginners and anyone else who wants to take some time focusing on the basic principles of Contact Improvisation. We practice sensing ourselfs, the floor and the partner(s). We learn about center touch, bodysurfing, and ways down on the floor and up from the floor together. We play with leading and following and take time to focus on the crucial principle of leaning and sharing weight. No matter what the technical level ist, it is always sensing and exploring that builds the base of our dance and our learning process. By learning some basic dance tools and at the same time trusting our own senses we experience how to feel safe and free in a jam situation.

Roland Nordeck

After many years of CI practice I did half a year of New Dance Performance training with Keriac in San Francisco and Stuttgart (2003/2004). The focus was on creative work. In 2005 I got into the dance department of North Carelian Kollege, Outokumpu, Finnland, where I studied contemporary dance for three years. The core part of that education was contemporary dance technique. It also included a wide range of different other approaches to movement training, like for example Feldenkrais, BMC, Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement, Ballet, Improvisation and Butoh. In 2008 I moved back to Germany. I am currently located in Göttingen, where I teach CI and contemporary dance. At the moment I am also intensely exploring the conjunction of dance and Bodywork (Shiatsu). I am seeing dance as a form of language, which reaches beyond the field of verbal expression. So dance and especially improvised dance complements my general interest in communication.



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