Roland Nordeck: Contact Basics

A Workshop for beginners and anyone else who wants to take some time focusing on the basic principles of Contact Improvisation. We practice sensing ourselfs, the floor and the partner(s). We learn about center touch, bodysurfing, and ways down on the floor and up from the floor together. We play with leading and following and take time to focus on the crucial principle of leaning and sharing weight. No matter what the technical level ist, it is always sensing and exploring that builds the base of our dance and our learning process. By learning some basic dance tools and at the same time trusting our own senses we experience how to feel safe and free in a jam situation.

Roland Nordeck

After many years of CI practice I did half a year of New Dance Performance training with Keriac in San Francisco and Stuttgart (2003/2004). The focus was on creative work. In 2005 I got into the dance department of North Carelian Kollege, Outokumpu, Finnland, where I studied contemporary dance for three years. The core part of that education was contemporary dance technique. It also included a wide range of different other approaches to movement training, like for example Feldenkrais, BMC, Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement, Ballet, Improvisation and Butoh. In 2008 I moved back to Germany. I am currently located in Göttingen, where I teach CI and contemporary dance. At the moment I am also intensely exploring the conjunction of dance and Bodywork (Shiatsu). I am seeing dance as a form of language, which reaches beyond the field of verbal expression. So dance and especially improvised dance complements my general interest in communication.


Shakya: Sound & Silence
The Art of Music Improvisation

(experience in playing an instrument or in singing required)

In this workshop we will explore musical meetings on the base of spontaneous improvisations. We encompass our musical journey from a space of inner stillness. We let go of any concept, any intention, any need to perform or to “do it right”. We focus on the beauty and uniqueness of every sound happening regardless of habitual judging. The more we are present in each moment and each note we play the more we are able to connect with the source of true spontaneity within us that is waiting to carry our playing.

Also we will experiment with different frames and structures that can help us to not get lost in the infinity of possibilities but to go deeper into the meetings with a chosen focus like melody/accompaniment, call/response, rhythm/tune etc. In all this we strengthen our ability to listen, to receive while we are playing, to be non-doing and – to have fun!

Sus Palm: Cranio Sacral Balancing

Introduction to the fluid and energetic field of Cranio Sacral Therapie.
We are connecting with the tides of the spinal fluid and the center energieline in the body.
In partnerwork we give space to feel the inner realm and invite deep relaxation.
This way we can regenerate and reorganise ourselves. New impulses and impressions can be integrated on physical, mental and emotional level.
Embracing everything that is there with an open heart.

Sus Palm

Sus Palm is a Movement Therapist, Dancer and Cranio Sacral Therapist.
She is working with Cranio Sacral Balancing since 11 years and apreciates this work for beeing a deeply rewarding way of listening to and supporting the human system in a holistic way back into balance.
Sus lives with Ingo Rosenkranz and their daughter Nika in Ulm.
She works as a therapist, a dancer in Strado Dansa Dance Companie and creates Danceperformances in collaboration with different artists.

Taro : Aliveness Art

To jump into the unknown with the interplay of dance, voice, sound-, melodie-instruments and the miracle of improvisation.

Here you can not do anything wrong but also nothing right.
Its that openess in which you do not know what will happen next and where you invite yourself to be astonished & surprised.

You percieve that outlawed attention and you recognize that the play of the elements dances by Itself.
Shakti is not still she changes all the time her quality, sometimes wild or mild or stormy...


I love to dive into the space of improvisation of sound & movement.
To surrender fully to the unknown and to be surprised how “life is playing along”.
Sound 6 movement artist in differnt performance-projects.

Vanessa Briel: Workshop and Lab - Hall of paint

From soft to wild from small to big from realistic to abstract and vice versa

In this painting workshop we will work with different stations ,sensations and ways of expressions and the diversity of material, size and dynamics.
A playground for Clear realistic pencil scetches, romantic watercolours, expressiv acrylics , brushes, pens, pencil, fingers, small paper, canvas, collage…what ever u choose…
is ready to be discovered…..have a walk around the hall of options and find your tools and inspiration.

Vanessa Briel

Vanessa Briel (*1979), working as a fashion artist/designer, actress and circuseducator, is living in Berlin right now. Between 2003-2007 she studied painting and grafiks, pedagogy in Marburg University , Germany and organized theater and improvisation festivals, there being appropriate for the section of fine arts and exhibition. Painting since 20 years now herself she has been working with al kinds of material and technics, like oil, acrylics, serigraphy, aquarell, sketching and also does sculptures with clay and waste.
Beside several single or group exhebitions over the years she has done projekts with painting and dancing, bodypainting and performance, physical theater as well as illustrating lyrics. After years of studying different kinds of movement thechnics like dance, yoga, artistic,akrobatics, she did a lot of performance projects in groups mainly based on physical experimental theater and video or/and dance in different countries. Since 2009 she is part of a professionel theaterensembel playing for school kids.Vanessa started dancing contact improvisation in 2009, and is teaching workshops in actionpainting and painting in motion.

Vega: "Riding with the wind, flowing like the waters"

I am interested about Flow, in dance - and in life as well -- What is restricting us from flowing...? Resistance, that we don´t let go, surrender and follow what is there...

Water finds always the easy way - it does not try to push itself through the stone. It is every moment ready to change it´s direction, force and volume. That´s what I am interested to explore in dance as well. Use of minimum effort and ease. Readyness to change directions. When we are listening the body-time, we are automatically having the right timing... Being too slow, or too fast is taking away the natural flow - but when we are able to feel the right timing in all deeper layers of our body - we get all advantages of momentum, suspension and swing...

Flow can be slow or fast - like magma or like wind -

We will work with tools of contact-improvisation, as well as solo-work and group improvisation as well.

Welcome to find your flow!

Vega (Katri Luukkonen)

is a dancer and singer, performance-artist and festival-organizer originally from Helsinki, Finland.
"...I am living in Berlin, and I Looooove it...! I am in fire with dancingmovingshakingsqueezingturningslidingrolling my body. ...And by singing and breathing, I am sounding my soul out! I am spiralling and biking, often performing in sweet streets and strange spaces of this beloved city..."
I Love dancing and kissing, I love fighting and feeling the fire, I love honesty and authenticity, spontaneity and extremes. Flow and Intuition. Every moment can be amazing, and every moment can be boring. You create the Air you are breathing in."

I love sweating
I love fighting
I love weight
I love gravity
I love fire
I love passion
I love papaya
I love coconut

Love me tender, love me sweet
Always let me go
I need to feel the wind in my hair, otherwise I die.
I need to feel the fire in my heart, otherwise I say goodbye.

I´m an angel,
I´m a devil
I´m everything in between.
I am a child,
I am a baby

I only need to be seen.

Viola Einsiedel - Erdung-Herzöffnung-Begegnung

Erdung-Herzöffnung –Begegnung

Am Anfang ist die Erdung
Am Anfang ist das Singen
Am Anfang ist das Hören

Eingestimmt auf diese Grundpfeiler beginnt der Tanz, findet Berührung statt, werden die Tänzer angeleitet in verschiedene Bewegungsmöglichkeiten der Contactimprovisation, getragen und geführt von meiner Violine, meiner Stimme, meiner Gedichte und Bewegungsimpulse.

Viola Einsiedel

Viola Einsiedel lebt in Bremen und ist eine weitgereiste Tänzerin und Musikerin, sie hat ihre Musik in den unterschiedlichsten Ländern, Orten, Festivals erklingen lassen.



Fortbildung Contact Improvisation in Berlin,

Intensives in Barcelona, und weitere Angebote in den Bereichen

Contact Improvisation und zeitgenössischer Tanz.

Osteopathie, Contact Improvisation und zeitgenössischer Tanz,

lebendige Anatomie und (frühkindliche-) Bewegungsentwicklung.

Fortbildungen, Festival auf La Palma, Seminare, Workshops und Einzelarbeit.

OmGym: Yoga • Tanzen • Bodywork

Aerial-Yoga, Partner-Yoga, kopfüber hängen, Geschicklichkeits- und Muskeltraining, Core-Training, Workout,
Ideal auch für Schwangerschaft und Rückbildung,

Anleitungen, Workshops und Verkauf

Barcelona International Dance Exchange

bietet Raum, sich an vielen Herzens-künsten zu erfeuen...

...Tanzen, Spielen, Singen, Malen, Schwitzen, Fühlen,

versch. Körperarbeit...Feiern u.a.            

jährliches Contact-Improvisations-Festival in Israel ( im Dezember )       

jährliches Contact-Improvisations-Festival in Freiburg, Germany ( im August )

ZIP.Orvietofestival - International improvisation festival and live performing arts in Orvieto, Italy
includes Contact Improvisation intensive workshops, study labs, jams, performances, concerts

CI-festival in Rumänien

Die Initiative TheaterLabor ArtProductions verfolgt einen interdisziplinären Ansatz und sucht die gleich- berechtigte Zusammenarbeit mit Kunstschaffenden aus allen künstlerischen Bereichen: Bildende Kunst, Musik, etc                    

Das Tanz- und Bewebungslabor ist ein kontinuierliches Forum für Tanz, Performance und Kontaktimprovisation in Köln.

ort für bewegung und nichtstun

CI in Göttingen und Umgebung

Multimedial Kunsttherapie und CI








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David Lakein: Ensemble Improvisation Practise: “The play of Presence in Performance”

*Lingering in Sensation : The Theater of Intimacy*

The diligence of sustaining a state, the practice of absorbing emotion, the discipline of persisting in thought demands physicality, imagination and an intimate collaboration with spacetime.

This intensive outing takes the above statement as both a challenging point of departure and a comforting place of arrival. Our research into the performer-audience relationship in theatrical scenarios dives into questions about duration, intensity, texture and dynamic, among other compositional considerations—all toward revealing insights into these central questions:

What is the narrative potential of distinct sensations?
How do layers of intimacy create emerging storylines?

David Lakein

David Lakein (Berlin/Chicago) is an interdisciplinary artist, choreographer-director, educator-facilitator, organizer and writer, who collaborates extensively with other artists from diverse backgrounds and performs-researches-teaches across the United States & Europe and around the world. His work swirls around the borders between dance, theater, cabaret, performance art and social scenarios, often incorporating installation and video elements. Whether completely set or entirely improvised, a solo performance or community gathering, on stage or in the back bushes, the work often includes a significant degree of interactivity—inviting and provoking participation from the viewing-listening-reading audience. Lakein embraces and confronts the tensions between the ordinary and sublime, situating his performative creations on the edges between the profoundly serious and ridiculously silly, especially in the intersections of daily life, metaphysics and spirituality. His practice is built on a foundation of image-making, improvisational scores and dramaturgical devising, and strongly influenced by books & bars, stand-up & standing-around and meaning & mystery.

Lakein is a well-respected teacher and facilitator known for his inquisitive nature and dedication to a rigorous (un)learning process that embraces generous discipline and intelligent laziness. He has over twenty years experience with physical, performing and performance arts, and with somatic movement arts (body-mind-centering, alexander technique, etc), martial arts (aikido, qi gong, etc) and meditation practices. Whether facilitating students in workshops and performance projects or bringing artists together in laboratories or festivals, he is committed to dialogue as a creative act and research as a transformational encounter.

Lakein studied philosophy & literature, and acting & directing in the United States, trained as a dancer, choreographer and performer in Berlin, Amsterdam and San Francisco, and studied visual arts in Chicago; he holds a BA from Wesleyan University, a BFA from the School for New Dance Development Amsterdam School for the Arts, and an MFA in Studio Arts from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago.


Elske Seidel (Ger): A State of Presence in Contact Improvisation

This intensive is an invitation to open into a state of presence.

We will be.
Listening. Sensing.

Connecting deeply with the earth we will follow our movement quality from within. Releasing into the place where we will discover timelessness & ease, trust & freedom. We will close our eyes looking, finding and allowing, researching as we explore our body in relation to gravity. Diving into the continuous and ever-fascinating dialogue with gravity’s forces, we will play, learn, and move from discovery.
Based on sharing one common center of weight we will enter our conversation with gravity. Out of a deep place of trust we will meet moments of flight where the body listens, knows and responds catlike. Where we have to do less, practicing ‘getting out of the way’ allowing the body to respond, rather than our minds to control. What organization does my body need, when I allow gravity to play with me? How can I use my body’s innate knowledge and very weight ‘to play’ gravity?
I am interested in the movement quality sourcing inside of us. Can we sense our bones ‘floating inside of us’ as we move? Can we allow our body to stay easy, soft and open, - to be like its water as we move together through different levels, transitioning continuously from supporting into being supported, from under-dance into flight?

For me as a teacher I am deeply inspired to open and support a space where dance in all its freedom and vital magic can happen. I witness that as I hold the space, the simple experience of presence creates meaning & depth in each of us. Our potential for transformation in dance and beyond becomes available to us and I am profoundly touched by this natural process, blowing gently on the sparks of light within us all.

Elske Seidel

Elske Seidel (Berlin) ist eine global vernetzte und international engagierte Contact Lehrerin, Tänzerin und Bewegungsforscherin. Sie unterrichtet seit zwei Jahrzehnten kontinuierlich und von ganzem Herzen Tanz, Contact seit 2004.
Für Elske bedeutet Contact Improvisation zu unterrichten, „den Boden dafür zu legen, dass dieser Tanz geschehen kann.“
Sie kreiert mit Vorliebe Projekte, die Contact & Natur und Leben & Tanz verbinden (Contact Festival Fuerteventura und Nordsee CI Camp St. Peter Ording). Des Weiteren liebt sie Forschung & Jammen und öffnet dafür den Raum in folgenden Projekten: Berlin Weekend Jam, 23Stunden Jam Berlin, Contact Samstag Berlin, Dance Your Questions: CI Research Week/ Ponderosa/ Stolzenhagen und CI Fortbildungsreihe Hamburg.