Daniela Schwartz & Eckhard Müller : “ The Art of Sharing Weightless Weight ”

In this workshop we will investigate the relation of our body to the "UP" and the "DOWN" in stillness and movement.
We will explore the bone system and its relationship to gravity, as the weight falls through the architecture of the body into the floor, and we project from the ground into the three dimensionality of the space, finding the alignment of each situation. We will investigate the use of the floor, of the architecture of our bodies, of other bodies, the internal/external space, giving our attention to the breath as a tool to invite the active release to happen: into the touch, into the down, into the rising up and into the direction of the movement, all at the same time, supporting each other and the physical communication. Integrating this principles will invite you to be in the present moment, listening to the momentary needs of the bodies moving together, between earth and sky.
Our objective is to offer you tools to find more ease, lightness and freedom in your dance, to be comfortable as mobile underdancer/overdancer while you modulate the weight and tone of your body to open possible ways to relate to someone else.

Eckhard Mueller (Germany/France)

Falling in love with Contact Improvisation in 1988, Eckhard started studying contemporary dance,  including  improvisation and CI at bewegungs-art Freiburg (diploma 93) and with Alito Alessi, David Zambrano, Mark Tompkins, Julyen Hamilton, Martin Keogh, Nancy Stark-Smith, Daniel Lepkoff among many other masters.
Since then, he has been collaborating with various improvisers in research and performance groups to develop his own understanding of “instant composition” as an art form. As a dancer he has worked for choreographers such as Iztok Kovac, Mark Tompkins, David Zambrano. He has been teaching CI since 1994 to professionals of theatres/companies, dance students in academies and non-professionals in dance centres all over the world. For the last 7 years, he has been ‘touring’ in South America, co-teaching with Daniela Schwartz in diverse companies, festivals and institutions. For more than 20 years Eckhard  has been tremendously active to build up  “contact communities” in his home city Freiburg as well as in his new home Strasbourg and supporting others all over the world. He is co-founder of the contactfestival freiburg, a major CI event in Europe. In 2006 he developed SKIN, an interactive performance concept with elements of Contact Improvisation and instant composition. He realized this concept in collaboration with Daniela Schwartz in different cities worldwide, each time with a new group of professional dancers, musicians and videasts.

Daniela Schwartz (Argentina/France)

Dancer, Performer, Improviser and Teacher of Contact Improvisation and Instant Composition since 1998. Graduated in Fine Arts at ESAD, Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg. She has participated in different projects, labs and performances in Cuba, Mexico, USA, Europe and South America. Influenced by Martin Keogh, Danny Lepkoff, Nancy Stark Smith, Mark Tompkins, Andrew Harwood, Julyen Hamilton... She has been invited co teaching with Eckhard Mueller in diverse Companies, Festivals and Institutions in South America.  As a member of the dance theater Cie Dégadézo, she co-created «Cabine d’essayage» ,  «Parlez moi d’amour» and has been teaching at Theater Pôle Sud, EMDS Ecole Municipale de Danse, TNS Teatre National, and CIRA, in Strasbourg. Years of jewelery making, objects, textile and fashion studies, video creation, installations, performances, and the different artistic aspects of «the body» informed her physical practice and her intellectual research, questioning the idea of «the human being separated form the world». Lately she assisted Eckhard Mueller to develop SKIN, an interdisciplinary and interactive performance project and realized in many cities worldwide.

David Lakain : “ The Theater or Being an Artist and a Con Artist ”

Standing at the threshold between
presence and performance exploring the
convergences of vulnerability,
transparency, intimacy, liminality and
mystery demands an experimental
somatic approach to re-awakening both
the thinking body and the moving
thought, thereby revealing the
re-emergence potential for ranting
Provacateurs and visionary Tricksters.

David Lakain

David Lakein (Berlin/Chicago) is an interdisciplinary artist, choreographer-director, performer, educator, organizer-curator and writer, whose work swirls around the borders between dance, theater, cabaret, installation and performance art. He has over twenty years experience with physical, performing and performance arts, and with somatic movement arts (body-mind-centering, alexander technique, etc), martial arts (aikido, qi gong, etc) and meditation practices. He collaborates extensively with other artists, and performs-researches-teaches across the globe in diverse venues, festivals and schools. | Known for his inquisitive nature, Lakein is a well-respected teacher dedicated to his students and a rigorous learning process. Whether facilitating students in workshops and performance projects or bringing artists together in laboratories or festivals, he is committed to research as a creative act and dialogue as a transformational encounter. | Lakein studied philosophy and literature, and acting and directing in the United States, trained as a dancer and performer in Berlin and Amsterdam, and studied visual arts in Chicago; he holds a BA from Wesleyan University, a BFA from the School for New Dance Development | Amsterdam School for the Arts, and an MFA in Studio Arts from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. | www.lakeinworkshops.wordpress.com


Ingo Reulecke: “Playful Contemporary Dance Technique into Performance”

We will start with a focus on training, (primarily drawing on principles from Susan Klein Method and the Alexander Technique) to work towards creating an awakened body which is holistically available for movements in all possible dimensions. With this basis we will experience space in all its different dimensions, and time in all its different dynamics.

We will work with a combination of both improvisation exercises and fixed movement phrases. Along the process we will integrate CI-related partner work, as well as simple choreographic and performance ideas.

Playing with these guidelines will generate a greater clarity in space and time. All this will enrich solo performance making it more pleasureable and will create a wealth of nuances when improvising with a partner or a bigger group. From that standpoint we will then go into more performative tasks focussing on the idea of seeing and being seen.

Ingo Reulecke

After a contemporary dance and choreography education I worked as a dancer in pieces that I created and performed in projects with different choreographers. I also created many solos and group dance productions by myself.

While I was working with set material I started to become more interested in the field of improvisation. For me improvisation is a more creative and vivid way of expression, as it involves being in the moment.

With my opening towards 'real time composition' I found more possibilities and interests within me. Well known boundaries seemed to vanish or at least move further away. For example, a wide range of diverse performance spaces/venues besides theatres and black boxes started to open up. Even  outdoor spaces became a possibility, which was particularly interesting considering that dance happens mostly indoors in the western world. Furthermore, there is the direct reaction towards a space or many other kinds of stimuli which generate site-specific compositions.

Instant composition seems to me a real metaphor of life. Freeing up diverse ways of moving in all kinds of directions enabled me to find my own movement language/vocabulary more and more. But also other forms of expression like talking and even making sounds became available.

In this kind of creative experience, age or other obstacles and issues become completely irrelevant. The exchange and work in rehearsals, jams or performances with artists of all sorts seems to me an incredibly rich creative process. Last but not least, as an audience member, it is absolutely fascinating for me how experienced performers are able to create moment to moment.

Kabiro Scheller & Daniel Werner : "Liquid Gravity – Center into Flow & Contact-Skills" - from water to land

In this intensive we will explore our inner states of motion in water (in a swimmingpool), on earth and in space.
We will focus on different qualities in our body and our presence takes us deeper into our own movement and the contact dance with others.
What is moving me? The liquid quality of water & blood... stabilty of the bones... release of the muscles... the heartbeat... the breath... the soul... the moment of improvisation in this unique meeting??

The quality of water will remind us about the fluids in our body and supports us in the experience to “be carried” in an ocean of abundant movement possibilities.
Then on land, how does this quality feel like in a effortless contact dance...?
Furthermore we explore how fascia as an internal elastic network builds a bridge for the transition from water to land

And through more body awareness & relaxation in bodywork and basic contact-principles we invite you to find new movement possibilities & pathways to enrichen your contact-dance.

Daniel Werner

Daniel Werner studied Dance, Contact Improvisation, Body-Mind Centering and other Somatic Methods and Practises with various teachers, and works internationally in this field since ´97 as a dancer, teacher and director. He graduated in contemporary dance at the North Karelia College in Finland. Furthermore he is a teacher for Qigong and Tai Chi in the line of Master Mantak Chia.

Also he is involved in the following projects: 


Kabiro Eva Scheller

Kabiro Eva Scheller is dancing contac timprovisation since 1994 with a lot of different teachers from USA.
She is teaching contact & dance-improvisation since 2001, Hawaiian bodywork and body awareness.
She also acts as a festival organizer & initiator of the Oster-Impro-Festival & the Healing Heart Festival (both in Germans) & the Aloha Travel Festival (Hawaii).
She is a full-hearted dancer, body worker, teacher and counsellor.


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Music by Carola Fürbaß

Carola loves it to improvise, she is singing, performing, playing guitar and other instruments. Especially delicious and attractive for her is the interplay between musicians and audience or musicians and dancers.
So, often where she turnes up, a shared space of playing/singing/dancing together is evolving.
With the music coming through Carola Fürbaß she conjures up a smile into the hearts, what you can also feel on her CD Majela (2012).


Tongala Workshop "Let me hear your body sing!"

Connect with your creative-healing source and make use of it!

Play and improvise!
Dancing and Singing inter-weave and inpire each other.
We expirience being music and letting our body dance itself.

Singing „free from the liver“ (german saying), out of your guts, from your heart. Singing deeply connected with yourself and the group. Let me hear your body sing!

Off and on we go in silence together and listen to our inner voice, the resonance and the stillness in us.

Quote Carola: „Dance and Singing are the archetypical form of self healing and  are the bridge between the spiritual and worldy realm. From my expirience  I have learned, that ALL PEOPLE- most of them very quickly- gain access to this healing art, eventhough many have forgotten about it.

My job and gift is it, with humour and depth, to remind people about this knowledge, that we all have inside us and to encourage you to live it.
Singing and Dancing for me are prayers to life and are the expression of pure joy of life."

possible elements are: conscious bodywork, meditation, healing toning, rhythm and melody games with voice and movement, Circle Singing

Carola Fürbaß

Carola Fürbaß 

is passionate singer and composer (word music, own style and improvisation) (CD release „Majela“ dez 2012)as well as a naturopath and healing artist. She attended the 3 years-course for wholistic voice and singing therapy at the ISGT Berlin.
With Tongala she developted as a wholistic healing art for unfolding your voice and your personality.
With alot of heart and humour she is leading singing circles and Tongala workshops in germany and switzerland for over 10 years and is on stage with her solo concert-performance „Encantar“.

Elske Seidel - Between Earth and Sky
Contact Improvisation

An exploration of how to fall together, moving through space together through all levels - between earth and sky - sharing one common center of weight. Trusting each other, relying on one another, we begin to take risks, asking for support, offering support.
We will discover freedom in 3-dimensional movement, experiencing a state of readiness for what is happening now. We play, meet and fly – in body and mind – opening possibilities and expanding our understanding of movement choices in contact.

Elske Seidel

Elske Seidel, based in Berlin, is a passionate CI dancer & teacher, deeply committed to CI and its community internationally. She has been teaching dance full time and wholeheartedly for over 19 years, CI since 2004. In her teaching she is interested in ‘opening spaces where dance in all its magic and play can happen’.
She likes to create CI projects that bring the studio focus outside into nature and into the experience. She enjoys gathering community merging life and dance together. She has taught CI in Europe, Canada, the U.S., Argentina, Israel and Russia and is now invited to the Contact Festival Tokyo.
Some of her projects are: Annual Contact Festival Fuerteventura, Summer Contact Sylt, Contact Saturday Berlin, Berlin Weekend Jam and North Sea CI Camp.

Jamus Wood & Lee Bolton - Embodied Presence

Invites You
• To rediscover the physical and emotional intelligence and capacity you were born with.
• To journey close to yourself. To relax into who you really are, and to open into life offering your true gifts out into the world.
• As you increasingly meet yourself, you may find a capacity to meet nature and each other in a new way.
A sense of intimacy with one’s self and our environment begins to arise.
• If we can learn to truly listen, to the mystery of the ground beneath us, to ourselves and to life. We tune in to radio station ‘Here and Now’. Allowing this listening to guide us, in our life choices, moment to moment.

Proposal 1: Animal Body

When I dance, I find moments when my instincts take over. In these moments I discover a vibrancy and a sheer physicality that can be absent at other times. By waking up to my instincts I find new movement potential and an enlivening interest in the dance. Movement, I would never thought of making come through as does a committed quality.
This work is grounded in evolutionary developmental patterns that exist in your body.
We will spend time sensitising ourselves to our natural instincts waking up the animal body and from here we will explore touch, weight and communication with each other.
• Discovering the power within muscle, bone, blood.
• Learning to to trust our animal knowing.
• Inquiry into the nature of embodiment.
• Welcoming Freshness and spontaneity, dancing outside the box.

Proposal 2: Heartful Animal

This class is an invitation to move from our animal body including our passionate heart. It is an opportunity to dance close to ourselves and close to each other. We invite you to bring your curiosity and interest in your partners and the shared space. Come ready to move your body and your feelings. Within this we will include movement with openings for expressing our feelings and sensations; that which we do want and that which we don't plus the space in between.
This class will include explorations into:
• Instinctual Body (Evolutionary Developmental Movement Patterns).
• Physical movement exploration of our heart.
• Heart Inquiries that include movement and clear spoken communication.
• Developing both compassionate awareness and heart full connection for ourselves and each other.
• Developing a very real understanding of our needs and limits and how to meet them.
• The possibility of living simply and clearly, with truth and integrity.
Sessions Length 120 minutes and will include amplified music.


I love to move, to inspire creativity through dance and connection. I guide classes in Movement, Contact Improvisation, Somatic Yoga and perform professionally with the Touch Down Dance Company. Now I am weaving these practices and principles of embodiment into my own work.
This Is It: Waking Up in the Body, Finding Our Source, Discovering Support, Listening to our Heart and resting into Silence. This is what I offer you.
Unusually, my path has been defined by a congenital eye condition - I almost lost my sight 10 years ago. Six operations on, my sight is improving. I have found ways to transform my wounding into a unique gift. My life is not what it would have been without my eye condition, many doors initially shut, while others opened. Along my journey, I have had the good fortune to work with many gifted teachers principally Adam Bradpiece who’s work, underscores my teaching.


I suppose you could say at the heart of it all I am a dancer. It seems my body was born to move. My softness, my passion, my sadness, my rage, my sensuousness, my sense of chaos all come through when I dance. This is where more than anywhere else I can be close to myself and have the capacity to touch life with freshness.
My passion for dance and in particular the drive to be as authentic in each moment as possible has led me from 5 Rhythms to Contact Improvisation and latterly into a practice of Non-Stylised movement based on the teachings of Helen Poyner.
This has led me to co-design a series of classes and workshops that interweave the teachings of fundamental movement, contact improvisation and presence based on the Movement of Being (Devon) teachings.
Dance for me is a metaphor for life. How can I really meet myself? How can I truly be here in this moment to experience life and meet you? This is what fascinates me. Movement offers the opportunity to ask these questions, with the potential to experience depth and understanding.
I offer a space for this exploration.

More info: www.embodiedpresence.co.uk

Karunesh - „We shall lift each other, higher and higher!“

Flying and landing joyful and save in Contact.

Proven ways and principles of lifting and landing.
To be lifted physically mostly elevates our inner state too.
We experiencing that joy and flow and at the same time we are practicing being aware and respectful with boundaries.
Little by little our circle of possibilitys is expanding.
Listening with our body ist the key element for joyful and easy rides on the wave of momentumflow. As also recognising possibilitys and offers to fly. As preparation we will keep our attention on what we need to land softly at any time. That includes practicing the special art of support from the lifting partner.
All levels.
Enjoy the trip!


I am in love with Contact since about 2 decades.
Teachers on my way: All the dancers i danced with on jams, festivals and workshops.
The most famous is probably Nancy Stark Smith. Meaningful was also Martin Koegh and Scott Wells. Recently i enjoyed the Workshops and to dance with Leilani Weiss, Mirva Mäkinnen and Heike Pourian.
My first own Weekendworkshop i gave 1998.
Tango Argentino and Salsa belong to the dances i danced and teached intensely
over years.
As well as my experience from my breathingtherapy-education and my spiritual background flows in.
Contact improvisation is for me a way to experience the wisdom of the body thats beyond the body.


This session will offer you a focused time and space to explore themes, what you are interested in dance.

Physical, emotional, thematical, energetical, filosofical ones...

We will work in trios, dancing in longer duets, while the third one is wittnessing the dance. After each duet

We will have a moment of sharing and reflecting what happened in our dance. In this structure you will have a duet & sharing with each person in your trio. After we will continue dancing in full trio – and then another trio wittnessing the other trio, and sharing this experience with each others. So this is not a class to learn specific technical skills, but more a safe container to dive deeper in your own dance, and your interests and inspirations, fears and wishes, challenges and dreams, and sharing it with the others...


VEGA (Katri Luukkonen)

is a dancer and danceteacher, performance-artist from Helsinki, Finland. She graduated from Theatre Academy of Finland 2008 (Master of Arts). Vega has been teaching and performing at various contact- and dancefestivals all over Europe, India, Russia and Finland. Besides contact-improvisation, contemporary dance and theatre, she has been practicing aikido and yoga, OSHO's active meditations and authentic movement. Vega is one of the co-organizers of GOA Contact Festival, and In Touch -festivals in different countries...

"On the moment I am living in Berlin, and I love it! I am in fire with singing and voice, sounding my soul out! I am spiralling and biking, dancing and performing in sweet streets and funny corners of Neukölln... Flow and Love in their all senses are my guides in life. I trust that the right things are happening, so there is nothing to be afraid. Just learning and groving with life. I love dancing and connecting, I love fighting and feeling the fire, I love honesty and authencity, I love weight and sweat, spontaneity and extremities. Every moment can be amazing, and every moment can be boring. You can choose. To be in NOW"

bide5 kasvokuva romacontact katri ja_silta

Lella-elayla Heindl - Colour up your dance

This workshop is about the joining of Contact Improvisation, bodywork and artistic expression (such as painting or plasticising) in a playful, artistic and sensual way.

The sensitisation of the senses, the honest feeling of our own emotions and the mindful listening to our dance partners have priority here, as does the transfer of our impressions to an artistic medium, e.g. paper or clay. We allow ourselves to open up to the interplay between movement and creative expression in a medium. We sense whatever it is that wants to manifest itself in this way. We try to sense the resonance that is created through the encounter and touch with a partner and we let this resonance express itself.
Thus, we gain the possibility to pause and listen closely to what is inside us. Starting from this innermost space, we can approach the “You” again and come into contact once more.

Lella-elayla Heindl (*1970)

Influences on dance

Interest in energetic processes in and around the body, interest in Tai Chi, Shiatsu, Reiki, bodywork, massage, intuitively healing bodywork, Authentic Movement, mindfulness in thoughts, words and deeds, conscious being, exploration of the energetic and therapeutic influences of CI on human beings

Inspired by

Qi Gong, Yoga teacher training, training in multimedia art therapy, teachers training in holistic dance and movement pedagogy, Quanta healing, light meditations, Flower of Life

Contact Improvisation, free expressive dance and performative improvisation since 1987
Workshop organiser and teacher  

Her website: www.lella.at