Moving into Writing ? Writing into Moving, If our gut were to speak…


Duration: 2 – 2:30 hours

Language: English and German (I can teach in either). I also speak Spanish, French and Portuguese

Basic description: This workshop integrates elements of improvisation and creative writing. Through movement explorations we uncover words, worlds and stories, organically connecting dance and writing. No dance or writing experience necessary, simply the desire to move and put pen to paper.

Class description: The warm-up begins with breath and the five healing sounds from Taoist Qigong, which I have been using in my Moving into Writing classes as a way of bringing in sound, body-awareness and emotional awareness. As we sound, we focus on a specific organ while encouraging the release of a specific emotion associated with that organ. We then invite in the corresponding color and positive emotion of this organ (i.e. for lungs we sound “ssss”, release sadness, bring in the color white, and invite courage.) The warm-up continues with an open movement exploration, focusing on one of the organs and its associated sound. (I am thinking that we perhaps work here with the liver since in Chinese philosophy/medicine, the liver is associated with spring. If it is warm enough, it could be nice to do the warm-up outside on the grass.) I finish the warm up by guiding participants through a variety of ways and qualities of moving (i.e. light-easy movement, circular movements, stretching, shaking, etc.). I often integrate the basic developmental patterns into the movement warm-up.

The movement warm-up is followed by a 5-10 minute free write.

Body-mapping: We create a drawing, or map, of the body based on a guided scan of the body. (This may also be done in partners with the aid of touch.) For each body part that has drawn our attention and which we have drawn in some form on our map, we write down several adjectives and verbs. From our map, we choose one or two parts (and words) to focus on for a movement study. We then engage in a more focused write (with the option of returning to moving when we want.) We share our movement studies with partners and do a creative write inspired by our partner’s movement. To end the workshop participants show their work—a combination of their writing and moving.

If there is time, I will include in this mix, a 5-10 minute write around spring, green, east.


Liz Erber



Liz Erber is an interdisciplinary artist/performer whose body-based works integrate elements of dance, theater, writing, music and/or video. She performs regularly in her own works, in collaboration with others, and as an improviser. In addition, she teaches various types of dance and improvisation to both children and adults, and is currently teaching classes in moving-writing and contact improvisation in Berlin. For the past decade Liz has worked professionally as a writer, proofreader/copyeditor, and Brazilian Portuguese to English translator. She holds bachelor's degrees in chemistry, dance, and drama(theater).

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