"Space behind. Uncharted trails"...


There are two things that hinder the 'unknown' to happened:

  1. Deceptiveness of the eye-site
  2. Physical tensions

In this workshop there will be a possibility to explore in details the use eye-site characteristics and the way it help change usual trajectories into unknown trails. On the way to find courage and playfulness, we will take time for recognition, release of tensions in the body to free the inner space .

Other themes that will be addressed in the workshop are:

  • * The back space - ways, skills and images using the space behind the back and backward movement.
  • * Up side down positions.
  • * Conscious disorientation.
  • * Awakening spirals in the body and in duets
  • * Composing time, movement, space and choices.
  • * Speed in movement as a challenge - awakening concentration and attention.
  • * Letting myself not be aware of the future. Practicing movement towards the unknown.

During my travel high up in the mountains, I realized that fear and anxiety are never behind or ahead of me, they are where I am right now. My courage also awakens just when I make the step above the chimney in the mountain. When I jump from stone to stone, I find myself scared, courageous and funny. This is what this workshop is about - the novelty of each step and movement, in solo, in duet and with in a group.

Angela Donii

Angela Donii is a dance improviser, choreographer and a teacher oriented to contact improvisation and contemporary dance. She was born in Kishinev, Moldavia. She was educated at the High School of Culture, St-Petersburg. After graduation in 1985, she was a theatrical choreographer for 10 Years. Since 1999 she is living in Moscow, and teaching Contact Improvisation, Improvisation and Movement Development.

Since September 2006 she has been the organizer and leader of a project of research, experiment and exchange which aims to support and develop the teaching and performance of Contact Improvisation and Improvisation in Moscow. She created the yearly, nine day, International Contact Improvisation and Performance Festival in Moscow.

At the moment her passion is to build the "Dans House" on the Nature close to Kazan city.

Angela says:

”I can not say I teach Contact. I share Contact Improvisation, I share my self, I share what my teachers taught me, my dance…. tea and water :-) The best joy for me is to create space for people to come together and discover meanings and sense of the dance and life.”


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Actiontheater™ Performance-Training

Actiontheater ist ein Improvisationstraining, das vom Körper ausgeht. Spontaneität, Präsenz und Spielfreude. Eine Entdeckungsreise in die Kreativität unserer Bewegung, Stimme und Sprache. Action Theater Training eröffnet spielerisch neue Ausdrucksmöglichkeiten.

Improvisationsübungen - einzeln und in der Gruppe - fördern spontanes Spiel und bewusste Gestaltung. Sie vertiefen die Fähigkeit Gefühle auszudrücken und entwickeln Stimme, Körperausdruck und Imagination.

Im Workshop werden wir Bewegungen, Worte und Sounds zu Performance-Momenten komponieren.

Jedesmal eine spannende Reise ins Unbekannte, ob mit oder ohne Worte, voll in „Action" oder ruhig, abstrakt, poetisch oder komisch.

Peter Krempelsetzer

1964 in München geboren, studierte Theater an der Scuola Dimitri in der Schweiz, außerdem Tanz und Improvisation. Actiontheater™ Improvisation lernte er in ausführlichen Trainings bei der Begründerin Ruth Zaporah und ist seit 2007 zertifizierter Lehrer der Methode.

Sein besonderes Interesse gilt der Improvisation als eigenständiger Kunstform. Als Darsteller, sowie als Regisseur eigener Produktionen arbeitet er spartenübergreifend zwischen Theater, Musik und Tanz. Er ist und war als Improvisationsspieler in vielen Gruppen tätig. Peter Krempelsetzer lebt in München und lehrt Theaterimprovisation, Contact Impro, Contango, Tanztheater und Performance an der ImproArt Improvisationsschule.

More about his backround and teaching on his webpages:
teaching: http://www.improart.de
performing: http://www.comtesse-co.dehttp://www.freefishing.de
official AT site: http://www.actiontheater.com

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Contact Impro meets Tango

Contango spielt mit den Möglichkeiten und Limits beider Tanzformen. Über die Analyse ihrer Stärken entwickelt sich ein Bild ihrer Qualitäten. In der zusammenführenden Rekonstruktion wird die weiche Rundheit des ContactTanzes mit der klaren Schärfe des Tango kombiniert, das Fallenlassen in verschiedenste Situationen beim Contact mit dem Rollenspiel des Tango, die Stille mit Geräuschen, Rhythmus und Musik. Elemente aus den Kampfkünsten, Physical Theatre und Bioenergetics unterstützen die neu entstehende, individuelle Expressivität.

Javier Cura

Der argentinisch-amerikanische Künstler Javier Cura ist Performer, Choreograph, bildender Künstler und Lehrer für Physical Theatre, Contact-Tango und Contact-Improvisation auf mehreren Kontinenten. Es ist sowohl bei Contact-Festivals in Freiburg oder San Francisco zu finden wie auch beim Phantastango in Deutschland oder Alchemie Tango in Prag.

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Delicious Dancing

An Introduction into Somatic Dance Paedagogy

Contact Improvisation, Movementdevelopment and Feldenkrais® based Bodywork
In this Intensive we will focus on dancing with our Integrated Body.
Contact Improvisation is most delicious, we find, when we are truley dancing with our Integrated Body: our awakend physical, emotional and „sensory-input“-body“.
Giving and taking impulses, listening to our own needs and the rythm of the dance, riding the waves of rest and activity – all that happens easily, when our body is informed. Technical aspects, lifting, falling, sharing weight, counterpoint etc., can help us deepen into the physical possibilities.
We will offer you inner pathways that go back in time into your own movement development., reliving single steps of physical and emotional development.
From there we will enjoy dancing Contact Improvisation, and also work technically and systematically on the principles of this wonderful danceform. To offer tools and material for beginners and advanced dancers we will sometimes work in smaller groups or even individually.
On a sensory input level we can open up doorways in our dancing that might have been closed off, through awareness, touch and specific placement of information through another body.
In this intensive we invite you to „come as you are“, and dive into the magic moments of connecting with yourself and others. 

Sabine Parzer (Fabie)

Sabine Parzer (Fabie) Is a dancer, choreographer, holistic dance- and movement teacher and works in a dance therapeutic setting. Born and raised in Vienna, Austria, she spent ten years abroad (USA and Germany). In Chicago she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Dance and danced professionally a.o. in Mordine & Company Dance Theatre and many independent productions. Her choreographies and improvisational structures have been performed in Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, Vienna, Berlin, Budapest, Mexico and many more. She was a co-founder of the collaboration group “Loop Troop”. Her latest collaboration “Point in Line” with didgeridoo player Dubravko Lapaine was premiered in Austria. 

Sabine has taught people from the age of 2 till 92 in improvisation, release/ holistic dance technique, contact improvisation and authentic movement (Intensives at: Impulstanz Vienna, Tanzquartier Wien, Israeli Contact Festival, Kontaktbudapest, Poland Contact Improvisation Festival and at Freiburg Contact Festival, Moscow International Contact Festival, Barcelona Nomad Festival, Osterimpro Göttingen a.o.). Since 1999 she has been teaching dance and movement at a rehabilitation centre in Austria for people after work/ traffic accidents and neurological diseases. Sabine is a practitioner of Systemische und Integrative Bewegungslehre® (an extended Feldenkrais method) and ZenBodytherapy® in her private practice. 
She has also been the organizer of the Greifenstein Contact Jam in Lower Austria and Co-Organizer of KulturLANDschaffen, Symposium for Sustainability.
The Institute of Holistic Dance- and Movementpedagogy was founded in 2010 by Sabine, to offer long term Teachers Training Programs, further education for doctors, therapists, artists and pedagogues, and as a platform for networking the field of holistic dance. 

Daniel Werner (* 1972, Heckenbeck/ Germany)

I teach CI since 1997, and love to continuously discover new dimensions of this amazing dance form on stage, in teaching and in the jam. My teaching is nurtured by the passion to systematically understand and categorize the underlying principles in CI. I studied contemporary dance at the North Karelia College in Finland and enjoy to work internationally as a dancer, choreographer and teacher. Essential influences for my work also come from Body-Mind Centering, Release-Techniques and Asian Movement Arts. Further I am involved in the following projects: www.bide.be, www.easterimprofestival.info and www.body-mind-presence.de.


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Daniela Schwartz & Eckhard Müller : “ The Art of Sharing Weightless Weight ”

In this workshop we will investigate the relation of our body to the "UP" and the "DOWN" in stillness and movement.
We will explore the bone system and its relationship to gravity, as the weight falls through the architecture of the body into the floor, and we project from the ground into the three dimensionality of the space, finding the alignment of each situation. We will investigate the use of the floor, of the architecture of our bodies, of other bodies, the internal/external space, giving our attention to the breath as a tool to invite the active release to happen: into the touch, into the down, into the rising up and into the direction of the movement, all at the same time, supporting each other and the physical communication. Integrating this principles will invite you to be in the present moment, listening to the momentary needs of the bodies moving together, between earth and sky.
Our objective is to offer you tools to find more ease, lightness and freedom in your dance, to be comfortable as mobile underdancer/overdancer while you modulate the weight and tone of your body to open possible ways to relate to someone else.

Eckhard Mueller (Germany/France)

Falling in love with Contact Improvisation in 1988, Eckhard started studying contemporary dance,  including  improvisation and CI at bewegungs-art Freiburg (diploma 93) and with Alito Alessi, David Zambrano, Mark Tompkins, Julyen Hamilton, Martin Keogh, Nancy Stark-Smith, Daniel Lepkoff among many other masters.
Since then, he has been collaborating with various improvisers in research and performance groups to develop his own understanding of “instant composition” as an art form. As a dancer he has worked for choreographers such as Iztok Kovac, Mark Tompkins, David Zambrano. He has been teaching CI since 1994 to professionals of theatres/companies, dance students in academies and non-professionals in dance centres all over the world. For the last 7 years, he has been ‘touring’ in South America, co-teaching with Daniela Schwartz in diverse companies, festivals and institutions. For more than 20 years Eckhard  has been tremendously active to build up  “contact communities” in his home city Freiburg as well as in his new home Strasbourg and supporting others all over the world. He is co-founder of the contactfestival freiburg, a major CI event in Europe. In 2006 he developed SKIN, an interactive performance concept with elements of Contact Improvisation and instant composition. He realized this concept in collaboration with Daniela Schwartz in different cities worldwide, each time with a new group of professional dancers, musicians and videasts.

Daniela Schwartz (Argentina/France)

Dancer, Performer, Improviser and Teacher of Contact Improvisation and Instant Composition since 1998. Graduated in Fine Arts at ESAD, Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg. She has participated in different projects, labs and performances in Cuba, Mexico, USA, Europe and South America. Influenced by Martin Keogh, Danny Lepkoff, Nancy Stark Smith, Mark Tompkins, Andrew Harwood, Julyen Hamilton... She has been invited co teaching with Eckhard Mueller in diverse Companies, Festivals and Institutions in South America.  As a member of the dance theater Cie Dégadézo, she co-created «Cabine d’essayage» ,  «Parlez moi d’amour» and has been teaching at Theater Pôle Sud, EMDS Ecole Municipale de Danse, TNS Teatre National, and CIRA, in Strasbourg. Years of jewelery making, objects, textile and fashion studies, video creation, installations, performances, and the different artistic aspects of «the body» informed her physical practice and her intellectual research, questioning the idea of «the human being separated form the world». Lately she assisted Eckhard Mueller to develop SKIN, an interdisciplinary and interactive performance project and realized in many cities worldwide.

Riding the bull home

(day class : 2 x 2.5 hrs)

You’ve stayed open and available, worked hard to follow as much as lead, been careful to neither push nor force, and voilà: Material has been born, themes have developed, and an overarching narrative has emerged…

Now What?
What does is take to reach the final part of your journey?
How do you Ride the Bull Home?

In this advanced workshop we’ll explore how to bring our improvisational material home, looking for end-making in the final chapter—perhaps even in the very last moments of our improvisations—and practice not shying away from committing to a resolution. And we’ll discover how the searching for an organic closure is often an illusion, an unfulfilled desire—regardless of how much it is a natural human longing— and research how this impacts our performance attitude and relationship to the audience.

Through a series of exercises, we’ll investigate how:
- time determines perception of “success” and “failure”
- an alive compositional mind embraces absence and emptiness
- the nature and politics of endings affects our decision-making process

Be prepared to be challenged and annoyed, while enjoying the spirit of collaboration within a community of equals.

Into the night jungle

night class : 2 x 4 hrs (Wed 22:30-2:00 & Fri 22:30-2:30 [or later depending on performance timing])

presence perception performance laboratory

Although it is not possible to plan for transformational moments, we can choose to enter into the realm of mystery. Through humorous lightness and provocative intensity, deep body sensing and expansive imagination engagement, we practice bending our attentiveness towards the resonant present moment. In this unfolding landscape between knowing and not knowing, with our awareness heightened and consciousness expanded, the potential for transformation lives.

INTO THE NIGHT JUNGLE is for all adventurers who want to explore diverse improvisational states of mind, body & voice, and question their assumptions about the performative moment. Be prepared for mental and physical exhaustion, perception-bending and assumption-altering encounters, and for a serious amount of playful fun.

David Lakein (USA / Chicago-Berlin)

He is an interdisciplinary artist, choreographer-director, performer, educator and writer, whose work swirls around the borders between dance, theatre, cabaret, installation and performance art. He collaborates extensively with other artists, and performs-researches-teaches across the globe in diverse venues, festivals and schools. Known for his inquisitive nature, Lakein is a well-respected teacher dedicated to his students and a rigorous learning process. Whether facilitating students in workshops and performance projects or bringing artists together in laboratories or festivals, he is committed to research as a creative act and dialogue as a transformational encounter.

Lakein studied philosophy & literature, and acting and directing in the United States, trained as a dancer and performer in Berlin and Amsterdam, and studied visual arts in Chicago; he holds a BA from Wesleyan University, a BFA from the School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam School for the Arts, and an MFA in Studio Arts from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago.


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David Lakein53

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Lakein David_053

Sensual spine

By releasing the energy flow in your spine and by aligning and lenghening the spine we will dive into three-dimensional spacious dancing. We will use elements of yoga, bodywork and simple leaning and moving support exercises. By waking up the vitality and strengh in our spines we can access into animal-like state of alertness and exploding energy as well as sensuality and sensitivity.

Iiris Raipala

Iiris Raipala is a dance artist; performer and teacher living in Helsinki. She graduated in 2004 as Master of Arts in dance from the Theatre Academy of Finland. She has also studied dance in School for New Dance Developement(S.N.D.O.) in Amsterdam and in many workshops around the world. She's been working closely with improvisation and contact improvisation in several performing groups. She is one of the organizers of Goa contact festival and Skiing on Skin -festival in Finland. At the moment she continues her studies as Iyengar yoga teacher. Besides dance and yoga her interests are raw food, osho-meditations and learning spanish.

Iiris3 tanssikuva

Kindern: Feuerworkshop

This workshop gives children the chance handle dangerous things, that they normally not allowed to play with – we walk on glass and dance with fire.
We will have different games and exercises to create clarity and presence.
There will be a performance in the end!

Inge Wöllhaf

My Love to dance I discovered 1997 through work with Keriac and deepened it with two Years of BmC - since than dance and contactimprovisation belongs to my live.Than I found the fun playing with fire. Since then I play with different firetoys like firechains, fens, rope skip etc. - loving the sound of flying fire.
Working in a nursery school, where children play and learn in the forest every day, it is a pleasure for me to have adventures with the children and sensual experiences.

Dieser Workshop erlaubt Kindern mit „gefährlichen“ Dingen umzugehen, mit denen sie normalerweise nicht spielen dürfen – wir gehen über Glasscherben und tanzen mit Feuer.
Wir werden verschiedene Spiele und Übungen machen um Klarheit und Präsenz zu schaffen.
Die Kinder können zum Abschluss dem Festival präsentieren, was sie gelernt haben.

Inge Wöllhaf - Meine Liebe zu Tanz und Körperarbeit habe ich 1997 durch die Ausbildung bei Keriac entdeckt und durch Fortbildungen in BMC bei Petra Vetter vertieft – seither gehört der Tanz und Kontaktimprovisation zu meinem Leben. Dann habe ich das Spiel mit dem Feuer entdeckt und seitdem spiele ich damit – mit brennenden Feuerketten, Fächern und Springseilen – ich liebe das Geräusch die um mich fliegenden Flammen.
Ich arbeite in einem Waldkindergarten, in dem Kinder täglich im Wald spielen und lernen, es ist mir ein Vergnügen mit Kindern Abenteuer zu erleben und sinnlich Erfahrungen zu ermöglichen.


"Saftiges Zentrum" in der Kontaktimprovisation

In diesem Workshop werden wir unsere Bäuche erwecken und die Weichheit und Flüssigkeiten in unserem Zentrum zu erspüren.

Auf einer Reise zu unserem Zentrum...in Verbindung zu anderen "Zentren"...werden wir mit den saftigen Fluss im Contact erforschen in eine offene Improvisation .

Alle Level willkommen!

Kabiro Eva Scheller , Deutschland

Tanz- u. Contactimprovisation seid 1994, Practitioner & Lehrende der Hawaiianischen Massage & Körperarbeit, Festival-Organisatorin:

Osterimprofestival, healingheartfestival.de (D), Alohatravelfestival.com (Hawaii)

Practiziert aus vollstem Herzen Tanz, Körperarbeit & Beratung.

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Picture 741

What about threesome..?


I love trios...!

...And I am very curious to explore dynamics and possibilities of contactimprovisation in trio-form. How to support, let go, follow in trio?
I am using a lot momentum and spirals in my dance, and especially in trios I find this very useful and fun to play with. How we can create space and air in the trio, but still stay connected?
When to enter and exit into contact? How to read the pathways and be a bit ahead in my choices and directions? What supports the situation, and what actually distracts the dynamics and
logics of the trio?

Simply - Welcome to play and have fun threesome!


Katri Luukkonen



Katri Luukkonen  is a dancer and danceteacher from Helsinki, Finland. She graduated from Theatre Academy of Finland 2008 (MA). She has been teaching at various contact- and dancefestivals all over Europe, Russia, India and Finland. As well as ”SkiingOnSkin” the finnish contactfestival, she is also one of the organizers of "GOA-Contact Festival" in India and "InTouch"-festival in Berlin. Besides contactimprovisation, contemporary dance and theatre, she has been practicing aikido and yoga, OSHO's active meditations and authentic movement.

Katri sings like an angel, looks like a spiralling carrot, smells like Vanilla Tiger, and feels like soft heaven. She is sweet girl, who has spontaneous and passionate relationship with her surroundings, and her inner child is alive & kicking.

bide5 kasvokuva romacontact katri ja_silta