To me lifts and jumps are a fundamental part of Contact Improvisation. A lot of my research went towards the question how these movements can happen effortlessly. Rather with momentum than with muscular power.
Another field of interest for me is the balance between precise technique and the free flow of improvisation.
In this workshop I want to share some of this with you. We will deal playfully with gravity, momentum and the joy of falling.
The workshop is open to all levels, some experience is recommended.


Jo Bruhn

is a performer, CI dancer, CI teacher, festival organizer.
More than 10 years ago he met Contact Improvisation on his quest to find dance forms he could combine with his shows.
He was fascinated by the universe which unfolded to him with countless layers to focus on.
Especially the flowing way to deal with acrobatic skills and the communication happening through bodies became an important part of his research, work and teaching.
To go beyond CI he took part in the Dance Intensive at Tanzfabrik Berlin.
He has trained extensively with Nancy Stark Smith, Mike Vargas and Britta Pudelko, among many others.
He is one of the organizers of the festival “Contact Time @ Steigemühle".

“I like to surprise myself and others in my dance by spicing it up with spontaneity and a bit of humor”.