The body with it's cavities, vessels, tissues, structures and sub-structures provide form, structure and space. Spaces that support, seperate and combine. From early embryological development there is continuous movement of being and dissolving, of forming and letting go. 
In this workshop we will navigate through inner spaces in our body and relate them to the space around us. We will travel to the living kaleidoscopic matrix of bones, fluids, cells and sub-cellular structures. We meet different body tissues and let our movements be guided by them. With movement exploration, hands-on and somatisation we will actively align and relate inner movement to bigger movement in space.


Nina Wehnert

Nina teaches Body-Mind Centering®, Contact Improvisation and Yoga in Workshops, Retreats and Festivals around Europe. She has great joy to immerse deeply into the exploration of sensing, perceiving and the development of the body. She studied dance, is certified as a BMC® Practitioner, Somatic Movement Educator and Yoga Teacher as well as in Embodied Anatomy & Yoga. She is offering her own Body-Mind Centering® Training in Berlin and teaches Embodied Anatomy in dance and yoga schools in Berlin.