Circle Songs with Anir Leben Tuning in. Arriving. Merging presences. Nurturing body through soul. Based on Mantras and Circle Songs around the Globe, I collected throughout my travels, it is a pleasure to share this treasure of our voices singing together! Yo! Om Namah Shivaya! About me: I‘m a musical oriented dancer and a dancing oriented musician and vocalist. When I dance, even without any sound, I get impulses for movement from inner melody or rhythm and from principles that i experience through music. There is loud and quiet, soft and rough, stillness and dynamic flow, pauses, up and down, contrast, harmony, dissonance, co-existence and and and... I graduated in dance, performance and improvisation at TIP Freiburg and before that studied Jazz-singing in Berlin for a while, when I fell in love with CI, which gave my life a new direction. Right now I’m mainly working in Berlin, teaching CI in the professional danceschool danceworks e.V., in workshops and classes and I’m hosting the scoreJAM Berlin. I started combining both passions in „DanSing Medicine“, a new format to embody the voice through movement and inspire the dance by using the voice. For more Info check:

What I love most in C.I. is the freedom of composition, arising anew each moment, re-discovery of the body-soul continuum , and the sweet quality of conscious flowing touch.
As a saxophonist I love transforming movement into sound, and to make sounds and melodies available to the field as a challenge and an inspiration.
Music can become another contact medium.
As a trained osteopath I habe been exploring the art of embodiment for quite a while now.

Music is a medium to express feelings, where words fall short. When we hear sounds, we can get in touch with inner sensations, that are not always available in our daily life.
To open these acoustic realms has become very important for me in my professional work as a violinteacher, musictherapist and freelance musician. In the playground of contactimprovisation I love to experiment with these qualities of touchability.

Klaus will interweave our Dance journey with his heartfelt & tuned in soundscapes. A seasoned musician at Contact festivals in Europe, he knows just how to tune into the Dancer's field & flow, complementing it beautifully with his music.

"It is always refreshing and surprising to create sound atmospheres together with other musicians. As a percussionist, it is particularly exciting to improvise ~ to allow soundscapes to emerge in the moment; with feeling, flowing and at the same time accentuated. I play Congas, Djembe, Waterdrums, Ngoni and small percussions".

I love to play (with) music, especially jamming with other musicians. Music is there, ongoing, you just have to connect yourself with it by an instrument. For me music is fulfillment right now. Creates a connection to the whole. With the Ngoni (string-instrument from Westafrika) one can enter this stream any moment, like storytelling by sound.

Further instruments : Clarinet, Piano, Voice and percussion.

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I grew up with music. Playing piano, singing, blowing the vacuum cleaner’s pipe… For more than 20 years I’m now focusing on woodwinds, namely saxes and clarinets.
My musical home is in improvised music, from contemporary conceptual music through world music, Jazz and electronic music to Funk.
My second passion is contact improvisation and along with that the interaction between dance and music. An interaction where both, music and dance, are listening to each other and the moment’s impulses.
An important part of my way as an artist is meditation and self exploration, this focus is, besides my music, the contribution I want to make to this dynamic field called contact improvisation!

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Seit dem Jahr 2000 integraler Tanzleiter (Zertifikat CITA München), Tänzer und Musiker auf vielen Jams und Festivals, Mit-Organisator vom Liquid Lumen Ritual, Rumble in the Jungle (Tanz & Musik ImproJam), ContacTango Improvisation im Lachdach-Pling und ResonanzTanzfesten, Mitspieler der Soundmover-Performancegruppe.

Die Musik,Tanz- und Bewegungsimprovisation ist der rote Faden in meiner Erlebniswelt, auf dem ich spielerisch das Dasein immer wieder frisch und staunend erlebe.