Following the point of contact. Been there, done that? What else can we choose to follow, than this famous point? Inspiration, interest, direction, space, sound, quality, sensation, thought? Playfulness and surprises are welcomed...!

Let´s create some tools to enter and exit the contact. When to enter in, when to let go? Making choices.

Through our centers, arms, legs and head/tail - and sensing each others in space - we can find ways to enter in and out of contact, staying often relatively light and supporting our own weight. Feeling the right timing and right place to give our full weight. Exploring the shared kinesphere of our dances, in touch and without touch.

How can we be connected from a distance as well...? How am I inspired by directions, forms, architectures of the other dancers? Invitations, offers, moving landscapes the other is offering to me...? We are learning to understand underlying movement principles and patterns in each others movements, so we are able to read and follow the shared dance, and it´s flow. In and out of contact.

How can we play with space, suspension, momentum, spiralling and gravity as tools to move in space with ease and grace, and being readable? The more clear we are in our choices, the more easy it is to read from outside. Enjoying the details guides us into delicious and joyful dances, where we are completely present and breathing the composition with each others.

VEGA ( Katri Luukkonen )

Vega is passionate dancer, dance-teacher, body-worker and performance-artist based in Berlin. Her heart has been beating for contact-improvisation already 26 years. She has graduated from Theatre Academy of Finland - as dance- and theatre-teacher (MA), and since then been teaching dance & contact all around the world, on many internationally acknowledged festivals and retreats. She is also one of the organizers of Goa Contact Festival, and been spending her last 12 winters in India.

"...My dance is drawing inspirations from bodywork & massage, concious breathing, body-mind-centering, authentic movement, meditation... As well as more dynamic disciplines as aikido, yoga, capoeira, acrobatics, hiphop... Though my best high-school and university in contact improvisation has been Finnish contact community, where I have learned so much, by sharing the dance and rolling point with the other spiralling crazy finns...

For me is important to root my expression and inspiration into my inner landscape, and my emotional body. From inside out. Finding the balance between being and doing, technique & form, and on the other side - sensing-feeling-intuition...