Flowing fluids

Our body consists of around 70-80 % of different kinds of fluids like blood, lymph, cellular,.... It is is a system of communication and transformation as the fluids flow through the whole body and transform from one to another. Connecting to the fluids we feel and express what is and we are able to flow with sudden changes without putting extra stress into our system. We are able to find balance between rest and activity. 

Contact Improvisation for tall and small

Contact Improvisation is an inclusive dance form, nevertheless it seems not to be a common practice for adult persons to dance with their or other kids. Why it is challenging for adults and kids dancing together? Different height, different weight, different knowledge...How can we use the principles of CI to create a dialogue between young and old without the kid is telling what the parent has to do or jumping on him/her or the adult using his/her authority to again teach the child the form. How can we find dialogue and improvisation? In this class we are exploring the democracy of this dance form, dealing with the difference in age, heights, weight, knowledge and understanding. We are embracing the differences in inviting patience to listen to and learn and grow with each other. It is a try out how we can dance and play together.

Contact Improvisation ist eine inklusive Tanzform, nichtsdestotrotz ist es nicht sehr normal, dass Erwachsene mit ihren Kindern tanzen. Wieso ist es so herausfordernd, dass Große und Kleine miteinander tanzen? Verschiedene Größe, anderes Gewicht, unterschiedlicher Wissensstand....wie können wir die Prinzipien von Contact Improvisation nutzen, um einen Dialog zwischen Großen und Kleinen zu schaffen ohne dass die Erwachsenen den Kindern sagen, was zu tun ist und umgekehrt. Wie können wir Dialog und Improvisation finden? In diesem Unterricht erforschen wir die Demokratie dieser Tanzform. We gehen mit Unterschiedlichkeiten um, umarmen diese und suchen nach gemeinsamen Tänzen und Spielen. Diese Klasse ist ein Start dafür, wie gemeinsames tanzen möglich ist.

Heike Kuhlmann

I live and work in Berlin as a dancer, choreographer, teacher and Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapist (DiplIBMT). I am teaching movement and dance for the last 18 years. Especially I am researching in the field of somatic based on Body-Mind Centering, how to use that as a tool for teaching movement and dance as well how it enriches creating performances. In Berlin I am teaching regular classes and workshops about Embodied anatomy based on Body-Mind Centering, Contact Improvisation and Authentic Movement. I am organizing jams, researches and workshops for adults. Especially since my daughter was born in 2008 I am exploring dancing and communicating through dance with her. Since than I am creating spaces for adults and kids to dance and be together. More infos you can find on: www. Heikekuhlmann.net

Fotos: Patrick Beelaert