In this workshop I will offer some very physical tools that involve fluffing up our feathers to cultivate levity in our bodies and space between our cells. We will explore riding the waves of our movement, experiencing the music and continuity of our bodily rhythms, as we enter into the practice of looking for lightness. The session will include bodywork to spread and extend into space, we will practice in solo before we come together; to witness, meet and support each with surfaces to glide through the air. It's not about jumping but preparing the body and opening ourselves with generosity, to realise there are very many possibilities to fly. 

Rosalind Holgate Smith

Rosalind is a Dance Artist, Yoga Teacher and Somatic Movement practitioner, based in North Wales, UK. As an Artist she collaborates, performs and creates immersive installations, often working site-specifically, and with raw, natural materials such as soil and slate. This work is deeply influenced by her passionate engagement with Contact Improvisation, which she encountered as a student of Fine Art and Choreography at Dartington College of Arts in 2009. Rosalind leads regular CI classes and jams in her area and has taught in Germany, Denmark and across UK. She has also established inclusive dance and health opportunities for diverse groups including older people, vulnerable adults, children and disadvantaged communities across the North West. Rosalind is continuously developing her teaching informed by her research with improvisation,  Body Mind Centering, pre-and perinatal development patterns, Authentic Movement, Contemporary Dance and Shadow Yoga. Some of her most influential teachers include Nancy Stark Smith, Linda Hartley, Rosalyn Maynard, Scott Wells, Julyen Hamilton and Ray Chung. Rosalind also loves to be in water and is a specialist Shaw method swimming teacher; a release based approach, combining the Alexander Technique.

As part of her Master Degree in Dance: Creative Practice, Rosalind is currently researching how we learn through Touch in Contact Improvisation, exploring what it is we learn and what this learning looks like?