Eduard plays saxophone (Tenor, Alto, Soprano) and flutes + vocal,  with a Jazz Band of his own ("Off Beat")

Many years of experience as a guest musicians in C.I. Jams  (Glarisegg, Freiburg, Schwarzwald-Jam, Tempelhof, Easter Impro Göttingen, München, Ulm ...)
Member of the Dance Performance Group "Sound Movers" in München.
As a bodyworker / osteopath I am interested in the energetical aspect of music and touch, from subtle-atmospheric  to wild and free. 

Eduard Beyer

Eduard spielt Saxophon (Tenor, Alto, Soprano) und Flöte + vocal,  in eigener Jazz Band ("Off Beat").
Langjährige Erfahrung als Gast-Musiker bei Contact Jams ( Glarisegg, Freiburg, Schwarzwald-Jam, Tempelhof, Easter Impro Göttingen, München, Ulm ...)
Mitglied der Gruppe "Sound Movers" in München.
Als Bodyworker / Osteopath gilt mein Interesse dem energetischen Aspekt von Musik und Berührung , von den subtil-athmosphärischen Dimensionen bis hin zu wild und grenzenlos.


Shakya Matthias Grahe

Shakya Matthias Grahe plays violoncello, dilruba, guitar, keyboard, percussion and is a singer. Countless performances in classical ensembles and bands of latin, pop, world, new age etc. Live musician for silent films, meditations, dance and other workshops and festivals. CD producer and guest musicians on many CDs. Since January 2015 living in the community and working in the seminar business of Schloss Glarisegg, Switzerland.

Stefan Gineiger,;

Born 1974 in upper bavaria and still living there.

Contact Improvisation Music since 2010 in Munic, Lest, Innsbruck, Glarisegg, Göttingen.

Piano, Voice, Base Guitar and more.

I create music harmonious with spaces.

That means first, listening to the space.

Does the space want to make music with me?

Or would it prefer silence, the master of all music?


„Silence means more

than a thousand lives,

and this freedom is worth more

than all empires of the world.“

So I sit here and enjoy the silence.

The keyboard clacks as I write these lines.

The clock is ticking silently.

Silent bird singing from outside.

I look into the monitor.

What wants to be written for the easter impro 2017?

A big, silent, joyful anticipation touches me deeply.

Joyful anticipation of the space we create together. A wild, fine, experimental, sensible, quiet, loud, emotional space. I can feel it now. Since the first preprations this space is growing. Since I write these lines, I’m part of it and inside it.

I’m curious about the music I will make and listen to.

I’m curious about the silence in between.

I’m curious about the vibe, how will the space feel like?

This space that we create together.

I feel warm joy of being together alive now.


Taro Tao

Aloha in this form I am called Taro Tao :)

I love playing improvisation music for dancing and being danced by aliveness.
For this kind of sound art i use several instruments , like my voice , percussion,flutes,didgeridoo and strings to express the life energy which is moving me.
Being in the field of improvisation is an inner&external call and the end of the longing for ecstasy.