New: Pre-Workshop

 22 - 24 March 2016 

with Johan Nilsson (Sweden): "De–LightfulTouch"

and Scott Wells (USA): "Ensemble States Contact"

Arrival and registration on 22nd March 2016 from 6 pm, than snack and welcome. WS on 23rd and 24th March 2016.

6 hours of teaching per day from 10 am to 1 pm and 3 to 6 pm (each teachers will lead 6 hours) and evening jam, sauna & pool.

Incl. organic food and sleeping in the studio or own tent (please bring you sleeping bag and matress). We are sorry, but during the Pre-WS we cannot offer a space for children!


Johan Nilsson (Sweden): "De–LightfulTouch"

Weight, Integrity and Collaboration

I will propose material to work with integrity and the possibility of developing our own quality within a collaborative dance. Scores intertwined with Tecniqual aspects. Dances and Reflections to integrate our achieved knowledge and the attempt of making what we embody more conscious. Most likely we will work with the skin level and with the joints. Using the spherical attentivness of the skin as we move together - but independently. Playing with the idea of the joints as horizontally travelling balloons.

I will also propose material where we work with clarity and weight in the extreme outskirts of our skinesphere, connecting it to the clarity of our center. Bringing this into a work with many small centers. With our ability of making evershifting choices through a playful mind we can make both our structure and mind more spherical, constantly changing and up-side-down. 

Through activating our ability to listen and read the movement and shifting landscapes of the other, coming in and out of contact, giving clear support and creative impulses, we can develop our own dance within the shared dance. This gives us the option of being close to the other and at the same time staying true to our own improvisation. Supporting and escorting each other through space without developing a dependency of touch, and instead being able to use the other as a source of inspiration through their everchanging choices. 

Johan Nilsson

I am exploring and working with natural sciences and art. I am a trained gardener and teacher in Biodynamic farming. Its connection to alternative methods, antrophosofic pedagogy and its deep relationship to the natural world and plant forces are great sources of inspiration to me.

In dance and improvisation I experience the same fascination as when I was a child playing in the forest, in contact with nature, in a world full of imagination and playfulness. My interest in movement deepened when I discovered Contact Improvisation 2004. Before my movement history includes sports, capoeira, african dance, world dance and fire spinning. Since I started with Contact Improvisation my main inspiration comes from Måns Erlandsson and Malin Anclair, Stockholm. The last years I have been participating as teacher and performer in several projects, festivals and dance events in Europe. Since seven years I teach classes and organize CI events in Järna and Stockholm.

I like to use imagination and the fascination for small details as tools to create my own dance and to be the guide in contact with others. From fire-spinning comes the fascination of continuously traveling weight. In contact improvisation I like to relate to weight shifts and space and I definitely love to take a certain amount of risk.

Scott Wells (USA): "Ensemble States Contact"

We are connected.  When we drop into the elemental brain we connect in different or deeper ways.  Anonymity and freedom from social identity melts us into the group. We will practice Sourcing--connecting with your body and spontaneity using authentic movement, the art of forgetting....
Contact Improvisation—the practice of eliminating unnecessary politeness.
Ensemble states--tuning exercises, composition and non-composition,
Performance Jam--open space with intention and group focus, but less tight than a formal performance.
Scores--the way in, Aesthetics--how we watch.  What do we learn when we talk?
We start with:  Connecting with self, then connecting with the dancing group, then, connecting with watchers through kinesthetic composition.
And, yes, a few special flying moments

Scott Wells

In 1981 Scott Wells discovered the pleasure of contact improvisation shortly after becoming obsessed with the challenges of modern dance. He received his MFA in dance from the University of Illinois and has directed a dance company in San Francisco since 1992. Wells has created works for skateboarders, for boxers and choreographed West Side Story for Sonoma State University. In 2010 and 2005 Scott received the Izzie (San Francisco’s most prestigious dance award) for Outstanding Choreography and was selected by Dance Magazine as “one of the 25 To Watch”. Scott has toured to Europe for the last 19 years teaching and performing in festivals in Moscow, Barcelona, Budapest, Berlin, Vienna, Zagreb to name a few. Locally he has taught at A.C.T, the San Francisco Conservatory for Dance and UC Berkeley. Wells has been practicing Alexander Technique for twenty five years and BMC for fifteen.

Scott Wells...has a dizzying abundance of pure dance-making talent
Rachel Howard, San Francisco Examiner

Come for the Thrills, Stay for the Artistry, 
Allan Ulrich, Voice of Dance.

Video: SW&D 1 minute trailer:

Name - Title



Vita text

Julian Elizari Romeo (Ger/ Arg):  Contact-Tango:"Dancing Witness“ 

Contemporary Tango, the witness of the Contact Impro as partner  dance. We will use the bases of contact Improvisation for enriching the flow in ouer partner dance. Finding common elements between Tango and Contact Improv. 
The classes will invite us to discover new points of contact, during  landen, suspensions, sharing weight. We will play with levels and qualities , using less muscle effort and finding the “momentum”.
Playing with the challenge of the change, where the listening and to be present is the conductive axis and where the surrounding space inviting us to the improvisation. 
We will play with the rolls in the dances.
Every class is an investigation space,
You don ́t need previous experience.

Julian Elizari Romeo

Julian Elizari Romeo was born in 1974 in Bs As, Argentina. He began taking modern dance classes from young age and Took classes wiht traditional Tango dancers in Argentina. At the age of 22, he received his degree from the Institute of National Physical Education in Bs As, Argentina. Learning different Techniques,as Release, Low flow and Contact Improvisation in Bs.As He travel to Europe and Studied at the Lilia Bertelli school of “Danza e movimento”. Florence, Italy. He was then hired as an actor and after as dance teacher by the Isole Compresse Theatre company. He explore always more Contact Improvisation developing his dances with different partner dances technique. Julian has been teaching Traditional and Modern Tango argentino for more then 15 years. Currently he teaches Tango, Contact Improvisation and Contactango in Berlin Germany and in different dance Festivals.



Ka Rustler - Folding and Unfolding

Perception of touch and movement are the first senses to develop. From our vginning our cells communicate, correspond and develop in continuous movement: migrating, folding and unfolding, expanding, spiralling and creating space in specific time parameters. I perceive in Contact Improvisation all these various phases of our early development are inherent and exemplary modelled.

Each day we will dive into one aspect of our cellular landscape venturing into unknown territory with various structures and strategies for embodied exploration into Contact Improvisation. Working from the cellular expanding out we will examine how we inhabit new realms of consciousness offering diverse layers to our movement qualities, perception and movement action. With the meeting of any two forces a third is automatically created moving in multidimensional direction.


Ka Rustler

Originally trained as a gymnast and classical dancer Ka Rustler continued her education at the SNDO in Amsterdam working with pioneers in the field of improvisation and dance. Over the course of 30 years Ka has been a leading member of Tanzfabrik Berlin, a networker and co-organizer of European Contact Improvisation Teacher Conferences, Exchanges and CI Festivals, a performer, choreographer, improviser and researcher. Supported by a fellowship grant she studied with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen the basic physiological and developmental movement system, and received her degree as a Body-Mind Centering® practitioner and Somatic Movement Educator in ’94, profoundly influencing science and somatic practice into dance education in Europe. She has collaborated with numerous artists internationally inspired by her curiosity to explore and finding the joy, risk and freedom to go beyond limitation. Her work for film and stage has been featured at dance and theatre festivals in Europe, Mexico, Russia, Japan and USA.

Ka’s work experience also includes somatic psychotherapy and international top management trainings. Currently she teaches Methods and Tools derived from BMC® and other somatic systems researching their application in movement, choreographic explorations and neuroscientific connections of Learning with Movement at Universities and Institutions internationally.

She is co- founder of the Berlin based Institute for Body, Dance and Therapy, member of the Authentic Movement Practice Unwinding the Body and Embodiment Research Group Emergence of Form. She is mother of two children.


Thomas Kampe - Wide Open Dancing: The Feldenkrais Method and Contact Improvisation

In this workshop we will draw on gentle and playful learning processes based on The Feldenkrais Method® to support our shared dance practice. We will focus on developing an increased and fluid coordination of our core, and on fine-tuning our ability to relate creatively to our living environment. This workshop will also explore the creative use of vision and seeing, and some basic upside down skills – handstands and assisted back-flips - to increase the three–dimensional range of our CI-dancing. The Feldenkrais Method makes use of two approaches, ‘Awareness through Movement®’(ATM) and ‘Functional Integration®’(FI) to facilitate conditions from which ‘awareness’ and possibilities for new ways of moving can be cultivated. This is achieved through non-corrective, pleasurable and structured inquiries in empathic, improvisational dialogues.


Thomas Kampe

Thomas Kampe (UK/GER) lives in London and has worked with dance, theatre and movement for the last 30 years. He has worked as performer, choreographer and director in Germany and Britain, and works as Senior Lecturer for Movement for Actors at Bath Spa University, UK. Thomas has taught somatic approaches towards Movement Education, Theatre and Contact Improvisation in different settings around the world. Thomas is a qualified teacher of the Feldenkrais Method® which forms a foundation for his teaching of dance and movement. He holds a Phd - ‘The Art of Making Choices: The Feldenkrais Method as a Choreographic Resource‘ and regularly writes about Somatics and critical culture.

Im Wasser schwebend erinnert sich der Körper an sehr frühe Bewegungsmuster und -qualitäten, welche grundlegend sind für unser hochentwickeltes und komplexes Bewegungspotential. Im Spiel mit Elementen aus dem Body-Mind-Centering und der evolutionären und frühkindlichen Bewegungsentwicklung entsteht ein sehr direkter, fühlender und kindlicher Zugang zu Bewegung.

Das "Floaten", Bewegt werden und das Contacten im Wasser öffnen neue Bewegungsmöglichkeiten und Raumerfahrungen, die dann auch später "an Land" spür- und sichtbar bleiben.

Daniel Werner

Daniel Werner arbeitet international als Tänzer und Tanzpädagoge und unterrichtet Contact Improvisation seit ´97. Er studierte zeitgenössischen Tanz am North Karelia College in Finland. Desweiteren ist sein Bewegen und Unterrichten inspiriert von Body-Mind Centering, asiatischen Bewegungskünsten und Release-Techniken.

Also he is involved in the following projects:

Kabiro Eva Scheller

Kabiro Eva Scheller tanzt Contact-Improvisation seid 1994 mit unterschiedlichen LehrerInnen aus den USA und Europa.

Sie unterrichtet Contact Improviation und Hawaiianische Massage und hat einen reichhaltigen Erfahrungsschatz Menschen mit Liebe und Freude in ihr einmaliges Bewegungs-& Lebenspotential zu führen. Sie ist Initiatorin des & und begleitet Reisen nach Hawaii.


Der Mini-Workshop im Wasser eröffnet einen Raum zwischen Tanz , Schwimmen, Tauchen und Massage. Wir erforschen zustände von FLOW im Element Wasser.

Dieser Tanz im Wasser ist geprägt durch das Fließen, das Bewegen lassen, das Loslassen, die Balance zwischen passiv und aktiv, führen und folgen. Nach anfänglich klar strukturierter Anleitung öffnet sich unser „Tanz“ immer mehr in ein freies Spiel unterschiedlichster Interaktionen.
Vorerfahrung in Contactimprovisation ist hilfreich aber nicht nötig.

Wer einen Neoprenanzug (Wetsuit) hat kann den gerne mitbringen da das Wasser normale Schwimmbadtemperatur hat.
Wir bewegen uns im Wasser mit Nasenklammer und Chlorbrille. Wer eine hat bringt sie bitte mit. 

Daniel Werner

Daniel Werner arbeitet international als Tänzer und Tanzpädagoge und unterrichtet Contact Improvisation seit ´97. Er studierte zeitgenössischen Tanz am North Karelia College in Finland. Desweiteren ist sein Bewegen und Unterrichten inspiriert von Body-Mind Centering, asiatischen Bewegungskünsten und Release-Techniken.

Also he is involved in the following projects:

Kabiro Eva Scheller

Kabiro Eva Scheller tanzt Contact-Improvisation seid 1994 mit unterschiedlichen LehrerInnen aus den USA und Europa.

Sie unterrichtet Contact Improviation und Hawaiianische Massage und hat einen reichhaltigen Erfahrungsschatz Menschen mit Liebe und Freude in ihr einmaliges Bewegungs-& Lebenspotential zu führen. Sie ist Initiatorin des & und begleitet Reisen nach Hawaii.


The workshop takes place either in the water or in the studio.
It offers the opportunity to explore dance and contact improvisation playfully in the element water or the water element in the studio. We play with the different qualities of water, explore the dynamic of gravity, and let us flow, drift, sink, dive under ......

This dance is characterized by the flowing, the letting go, the balance between passive and active, leading and following. But also the nearness, the sensuality, as well as partnerwork-solo-group, among other things.

After initially clearly structured guidance, the "dance" opens more and more into a free play of different interactions.

This workshop is an invitation to let go of the usual CONTACT viewpoints and dive into a spontaneous, out of the moment, created being, in the "here and now".

Benno Enderlein

Mich interessiert CI als Forschungsraum. CI ist das Zentrum der Studie. Hauptsächlich geht es mir um Bewusstseinsarbeit, die diese Tanzform von Anfang an in sich verankert hatte (sieh z.B. Magnesium). Hier können wir so viele schöne, lustvolle, inspirierende Begegnungen haben, mit uns selber und mit anderen. All diese Begegnungen reflektieren auf überraschende und spielerische Weise unser Leben und unsere Gewohnheiten. Was kann es köstlicheres geben als auf so leichte und gleichzeitig tiefe Weise das Leben zu erfahren? Und ….. wie kann diese Erfahrung als TANZ erlebt werden?
Benno studierte 1989 bis 1993 am "European Dance Development Center" der Hochschule Arnheim(NL). Seit dem ist er Vollzeit Tänzer und Tanzpädagoge sowie Organisator von CI Events. Außerdem praktiziert er seit 1991 Shiatsu als Behandlungsform sowie in Kombination mit CI. Weitere Interessens- und Unterrichtsfelder sind: Water-Contact, Contango und Contact & Tantra sowie die Organisation von Delphinreisen.
Ihn interessieren Bewusstseinsschulungen und Meditationstechniken, im speziellen ADVAITA-Bewusstsein und Lichtarbeit.
Er ist Mit-gründer und -organisator des internationalen Contactfestivals Freiburg.


Nighttime jungle

presence perception performance workshop 

Although it is not possible to plan for transformational moments, we can choose to enter into the realm of mystery. Through humorous lightness and provocative intensity, deep body sensing and expansive imagination engagement, we practice bending our attentiveness towards the resonant present moment. In this unfolding landscape between knowing and not knowing, with our awareness heightened and consciousness expanded, the potential for transformation lives.

This workshop is for all adventurers who want to explore diverse improvisational states of mind, body & voice, and question their assumptions about their performance attitude.

Be prepared for perception-bending & assumption-altering encounters and to to be challenged and annoyed. 

Be prepared for serious amounts of playful fun and enjoying full-on collaboration within a community of equals.

Riding the bull home

improvisation for challenging times 

Okay!  ~ You’ve stayed open and available, worked hard to follow as much as lead, been careful to neither push nor pull, and voilà: Material has been born, themes have developed and an overarching narrative is emerging…

Now What?  ~ What does is take to reach the final part of your journey? How do you Ride the Bull Home?

In this workshop we’ll explore how to bring our improvisational material Home, looking for end-making in the final chapter—perhaps even in the very last moments—and practice committing to a resolution. We’ll discover how the searching for an organic closure is often an illusion, an unfulfilled desire—regardless of how much it is a natural human longing—and investigate how this impacts our performance attitude and audience relationship.

David Lakein

David Lakeinis an interdisciplinary artist, educator and writer who collaborates extensively with other artists and performs-teaches-researches across the globe / around the borders of theater, dance and performance art. Known for his inquisitive nature, he is a well-respected teacher dedicated to a rigorous and playful un/learning process within the fields of the performing arts and somatic movement training, as well as meditation-bodywork practices. Lakein is a fan of generous discipline and a disciple of intelligent laziness, and deeply committed to research as a creative act and dialogue as a transformational encounter. |

Flowing fluids

Our body consists of around 70-80 % of different kinds of fluids like blood, lymph, cellular,.... It is is a system of communication and transformation as the fluids flow through the whole body and transform from one to another. Connecting to the fluids we feel and express what is and we are able to flow with sudden changes without putting extra stress into our system. We are able to find balance between rest and activity. 

Contact Improvisation for tall and small

Contact Improvisation is an inclusive dance form, nevertheless it seems not to be a common practice for adult persons to dance with their or other kids. Why it is challenging for adults and kids dancing together? Different height, different weight, different knowledge...How can we use the principles of CI to create a dialogue between young and old without the kid is telling what the parent has to do or jumping on him/her or the adult using his/her authority to again teach the child the form. How can we find dialogue and improvisation? In this class we are exploring the democracy of this dance form, dealing with the difference in age, heights, weight, knowledge and understanding. We are embracing the differences in inviting patience to listen to and learn and grow with each other. It is a try out how we can dance and play together.

Contact Improvisation ist eine inklusive Tanzform, nichtsdestotrotz ist es nicht sehr normal, dass Erwachsene mit ihren Kindern tanzen. Wieso ist es so herausfordernd, dass Große und Kleine miteinander tanzen? Verschiedene Größe, anderes Gewicht, unterschiedlicher Wissensstand....wie können wir die Prinzipien von Contact Improvisation nutzen, um einen Dialog zwischen Großen und Kleinen zu schaffen ohne dass die Erwachsenen den Kindern sagen, was zu tun ist und umgekehrt. Wie können wir Dialog und Improvisation finden? In diesem Unterricht erforschen wir die Demokratie dieser Tanzform. We gehen mit Unterschiedlichkeiten um, umarmen diese und suchen nach gemeinsamen Tänzen und Spielen. Diese Klasse ist ein Start dafür, wie gemeinsames tanzen möglich ist.

Heike Kuhlmann

I live and work in Berlin as a dancer, choreographer, teacher and Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapist (DiplIBMT). I am teaching movement and dance for the last 18 years. Especially I am researching in the field of somatic based on Body-Mind Centering, how to use that as a tool for teaching movement and dance as well how it enriches creating performances. In Berlin I am teaching regular classes and workshops about Embodied anatomy based on Body-Mind Centering, Contact Improvisation and Authentic Movement. I am organizing jams, researches and workshops for adults. Especially since my daughter was born in 2008 I am exploring dancing and communicating through dance with her. Since than I am creating spaces for adults and kids to dance and be together. More infos you can find on: www.

Fotos: Patrick Beelaert