Liquid body touch into easy contact flow

Our lives and our bodies are fluid by nature, very mobile and agile. The balance of flow and resistance are fundamental to a centered powerful being in a body.

If we are to become firmly remind us & liquid touches to this quality-conscious, give confidence and bring our body to flow and oscillate. This makes it possible to integrate the movement patterns and muscular body rhythms to create a harmonious, flowing and structured whole new body structures and resolve blocked.

Three of the most important basic needs as an embodied and sentient being is touching, yielding and moveing. The more natural the contact and the contact with that which is what carries me, the more effortless, more alive and powerful, the movement can be.

Liquid body touch expand your space for perception and for playfullness immensely and can be expressed in a new lightness and flow of your dance and the way how to use your voice.

Free oscillation and agility at the physical level have a direct and positive impact on the emotional and mental level. The same applies but in reverse. If we "loosen" the deadlocked perspective on ourselves and our body and bring to flow, we relax physically.

Mokshia R. Frenzel

...passionate and enthusiastic dancers Contact BodySoul worker, lives in La Palma, has inspired over 15 years through a variety of artistic and therapeutic systems, enjoys more and more in letting go of all concepts.

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